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The adventures (and misadventures) of a Royal Artillery concert party towards the end of the Second World War.

Initially based in Deolali, India, the company are later sent to entertain the troops in Burma.

Sgt. Major Williams (Windsor Davies) is an old soldier who's been lumbered with the job of looking after "a load of puffs".

Among the "puffs" he has to keep his eye on are Gunner 'Lofty' Sugden (Don Estelle), Gunner 'Gloria' Beaumont (Melvyn Hayes), Gunner Parkin (Christopher Mitchell) and Gunner Graham (John Clegg).

The concert party is commanded by Colonel Reynolds (Donald Hewlett), who is assisted by Captain Ashwood (Michael Knowles).

Two of the early episodes ("A Star Is Born" and "It's A Wise Child") no longer exist as broadcast quality recordings and consequently are not transmitted when the programme is reshown. Low quality versions were, however, included on the DVD release of Series 1.

Series: 8
Episodes: 56
Transmitted: 1974-1981
Channel: BBC1

BBC Television

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