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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: "Relaxation" (25 Oct 87)

Martin is having a lot of sleepless nights. Ann decides that he needs to learn to relax. She turns to Paul for help.

2: "Goodbye, Paul?" (1 Nov 87)

Martin is overjoyed when Paul announces that he plans to sell up and move on. Eventually, however, Martin is instrumental in persuading Paul to stay.

3: "Stuck In A Loft" (8 Nov 87)

Martin, Ann, Paul, Howard and Hilda are spending a weekend in the country. After Martin manages to get stuck in the loft, Paul comes to the rescue.

4: "Neighbourhood Watch" (15 Nov 87)

When Martin starts to organise the local Neighborhood Watch scheme, everyone (including the police) soon has cause to to regret his involvement.

5: "The Footpath" (22 Nov 87)

When Martin learns that his house was built across a public footpath, he insists on reopening the path for public use.

6: "Jumping To Conclusions" (29 Nov 87)

When Hilda sees Ann climbing over Paul's fence, she puts two and two together ... and makes five.

7: "Half An Office" (6 Dec 87)

Martin arrives at work to find a workman putting up a room divider across his office. He decides to fight against losing half of his office space. He's overjoyed when he seems to win the day. Then he discovers that his boss is one of Paul's friends ...

New Horizons (24 Dec 89)

Martin discovers that his firm is planning to promote him. They're even going to give him some assistants. The trouble is - the firm is relocating to Shropshire, so Martin would have to leave the Close in order to take up this new opportunity

Martin isn't happy with the idea of leaving the Close, thinking that the residents won't be able to manage without him. Then Ann tells him that she's pregnant.

Martin eventually becomes convinced that he isn't indispensible in the Close after all. He and Ann sell their house and set off for pastures new.

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