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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: "The New Neighbour" (29 Jan 84)

Martin's new neighbour, Paul, seems like a nice chap, but very quickly begins to make Martin feel that his position as 'leader' of the Close is somehow under threat.

Martin leads a campaign to stop a lorry driver from parking his vehicle in the Close.

2: "Taking Over" (5 Feb 84)

At a meeting of the Residents' Association, Martin rants and raves about the fact that he seems to have to do everything himself. He offers to resign as Chairman of the Association. To his surprise, Paul proposes that the members accept Martin's resignation and give him a chance to 'have a rest'. Suddenly, Martin has plenty of free time on his hands and he quickly decides that he doesn't like it. Gradually, however, all of his old responsibilities are handed back to him.

3: "A Strange Woman" (12 Feb 84)

Martin is very worried about the effect that Paul is having on the residents of the Close. His feelings seem to be justifies when he discovers a half-naked woman in Paul's back garden.

4: "Holiday Plans" (19 Feb 84)

Martin is looking forward to his annual holiday in Austria. Every year, he goes off with Ann, Howard and Hilda to the same hotel.

Then Paul upsets the applecart by persuading Howard and Hilda to go somewhere else for a change.

5: "Vicars And Tarts" (26 Feb 84)

Martin is organising a Vicars And Tarts Dance for charity. He's worried that Paul will try to interfere with the arrangements.

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