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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: "Manure" (31 Aug 86)

Paul is expecting delivery of a load of manure. He won't be at home when it arrives, so he asks Martin to supervise delivery. The manure ends up in Martin's driveway by mistake.

2: "One Night Stand" (7 Sep 86)

Martin has to attend a conference with colleague Rex Tynan. After having too much to drink, Martin goes to bed in his hotel room. Practical joker Rex Tynan arranges for a prostitute to be in Martin's room when he wakes up.

Martin is convinced that he has been unfaithful to Ann, though he can't remember anything about it. He confesses to Ann and is sent to Coventry by Howard and Hilda. All is well, however, when Paul discovers the truth about Rex Tynan's skullduggery.

3: "House To Let" (14 Sep 86)

Martin's neighbour Lawrence Tredwell is selling his house. Martin is horrified when he discovers that Paul has bought the house and plans to let it. The new tenants, however, turn out to be Martin's kind of people.

4: "Local Hero" (21 Sep 86)

Martin becomes a hero after saving a child from drowning. Everyone quickly becomes fed up of hearing Martin recounting his exploits.

5: "The Campaign" (28 Sep 86)

Ann becomes involved in a campaign for better grants for Open University students. Martin doesn't approve of her involvement.

6: "Cavaliers And Roundheads" (5 Oct 86)

Martin is involved in organising the annual charity fete, to raise money for the RSPCA. The highlight will be a re-enactment of a battle between Cavaliers and Roundheads. Martin and Paul end up on opposing sides.

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