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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: "The Tea Party" (21 Oct 84)

Martin visits an old lady evry week. When he invites her around for tea, she insists on bringing all of her friends with her. Martin organises an afternoon of activities, planning to finish with a bingo session. Then Paul upsets all of his plans and gives the old ladies an afternoon to remember.

2: "The Cricket Match" (28 Oct 84)

Martin's cricket team is a man short just before their latest match. Against his wishes, Paul is talked into joining the team.

3: "A Married Man" (4 Nov 84)

Paul is invited to dinner with Martin and Ann. He brings his latest girlfriend with him. Then his estranged wife turns up.

4: "Housework" (11 Nov 84)

Ann has to go into hospital for an operation. Martin is convinced that he can cope while she's away from home. He quickly discovers that housework isn't nearly as easy as he had expected. Paul has to come to his rescue.

5: "Snooker" (18 Nov 84)

Martin has entered the pub snooker tournament. When he discovers that Paul has also entered, he becomes very pessimistic about his chances. He's convinced that Paul will win and that he himself will be humiliated. The final result is a surprise to everyone.

6: "Boredom" (2 Dec 84)

Ann is feeling very bored with her life. She decides that she needs to broaden her horizons and find herself a job. Martin is horrified.

7: "The Psychiatrist" (9 Dec 84)

When Martin chats to one of Paul's friends at a party, he doesn't realise that he's talking to a psychiatrist.

"The Party" (23 Dec 84)

Against his better judgement, Martin agrees to let some of Paul's friends stay at his house after a party,

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