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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: Gareth's True Love (25 Nov 96)

Gareth has had to sell the restaurant to Cyril Bryson.There's a troublesome new American chef named Savanna in the kitchen. Then Janice suddenly tells Gareth that she's leaving him.

2: Reeny/Renée (2 Dec 96)

Cyril Bryson insists on his awful, spoiled brat of a daughter, Rene, being given a job in the kitchen. She proves to be a total disaster. The only person, besides herself, who can't see this is Everton, who's completely infatuated with her.

3: Lessons In Talking (9 Dec 96)

Cyril insists that Gareth should "mingle" with the guests, chat to them and foster a more relaxed atmosphere. Gareth almost has a nervous breakdown trying to comply with the owner's wishes.

4: Love In The Air (16 Dec 96)

Gareth's father turns up again, complete with a new girlfriend. Gareth is horrified when he discovers that she's young enough to be his sister.

5: Rochelle (23 Dec 96)

Everton talks Gareth into catering for his cousin's wedding. One of the guests is one of Gareth's ex-girlfriends, Rochelle. An old flame looks like being rekindled, until Janice makes an unexpected appearance.

6: Paris? Jamaica? (30 Dec 96)

Rochelle has invited Gareth to join her in Paris for the weekend. He has to decide whether to accept her invitation or to fly off to Jamaica with Janice for a possible reconciliation. He also has the problem of finding someone reliable to run the kitchen in his absence.

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