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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Personnel (28 Jan 93)

The management of Le Chateau Anglais decide to cut the kitchen budget without warning. Gareth is furious. He's faced with the prospect of having to produce less ambitious or lower quality meals. He's also going to have problems paying all of his kitchen staff.

Then Everton arrives and volunteers to waork as a sous chef without pay, so that he can be trained in " the most famous kitchen in England".

2: Beyond The Pass (4 Feb 93)

Gareth wants to own his own restaurant and it looks as if Le Chateau Anglais will be up for sale. He and Janice will have to make sacrifices in order to find the money.

Gareth is also going to have to visit his bank manager - a prospect that scares the pants off him.

3: Subject To Contract (11 Feb 93)

Gareth and Janice have to sell their lovely country cottage to raise the money needed to buy Le Chateau Anglais.

Gareth decides that the restaurant needs more publicity, so he invites the press into his kitchen.

Everton puts a sticking plaster over a cut on his hand, then loses it in the veal stew.

4: The Big Cheese (25 Feb 93)

Famous Frech chef Albert Roux is about to visit Le Chateau Anglais.

Gareth begins to panic, particularly when he sets off to track down some perfect unpasteurized English Stilton.

5: Fame Is The Spur (4 Mar 93)

Janice arranges for Le Chateau Anglais to be featured in a TV food programme. Everton accidentally disrupts the filming by filling the kitchen with escaping live crayfish.

6: Rice And Peas (11 Mar 93)

Gareth promises his father a "Caribbean evening" at the restaurant. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to cook any Caribeean dishes. Then Everton comes to the rescue.

A Bird In The Hand (24 Dec 93)

Gareth has fallen out with his regular poultry supplier. The restaurant has no turkeys for Christmas, so Gareth and Janice go out to look for the perfect birds.

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