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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: A River Runs Thru It (8 Sep 94)

Le Chateau Anglais is a big success and the kitchen staff are becoming more and more overworked. Gareth decides to look for an extra chef.

Then Gareth hears that Gustav Laroche, once a legend in culinary circles, is working in a third-rate cafe. He decides to offer Laroche a job

Later, he discovers that Gustav's "decline and fall" was caused by his overfondness for fine wines.

2: Time Flies (15 Sep 94)

Gareth gets a shock when Janice tells him there may soon be an addition to their family. Is Gareth ready for fatherhood?

3: Do The Right Thing (22 Sep 94)

Gareth and Everton are offered some 'dodgy' partridge at a knockdown price. Gareth risks falling foul of the law.

4: A Diploma Of Miseries (29 Sep 94)

Janice talks Gareth into appearing on a TV chat show. Gareth is less than complimentary about Janice's cooking. He finds himself in hot water when he returns home.

5: Masterchef (13 Oct 94)

Everton is beginning to build a good reputation for his cooking skills. He creates his own "signature dish", which is well received.

Gareth begins to feel as if he has a serious rival in his own kitchen. Perhaps it's time Everton was persuaded to move on?

6: Private Lives (20 Oct 94)

Morale among the kitchen staff has hit an all-time low. The restaurant is fully booked and Gareth isn't getting as much work from his helpers as he'd like. He decides that he'll have to play "agony aunt" before he can get them all working properly again.

7: England Expects (27 Oct 94)

Gareth has reached the final of a cookery competition in Lyon, France. He, Everton and the staff travel to Lyon for the contest. Gareth is determined to be named " number one chef".

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