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Gareth Blackstock (Lenny Henry) is chef de cuisine at a 'posh' restaurant, Le Chateau Anglais.

He's obsessed with producing perfect cuisine. That's very difficult when you're surrounded by total incompetents ... at least, that's what Gareth thinks.

Gareth dreams of owning his own restaurant, a dream which finally comes true when he gets the chance to buy Le Chateau Anglais.

Unfortunately, his business and management skills don't match up to his ambitions for the restaurant, and he's forced to sell out to Cyril Bryson (Dave Hill).

Gareth's obsession with the restaurant, coupled with his tendency to be rude and sarcastic to everyone he meets, puts his marriage to Janice (Caroline Lee Johnson) under strain and she eventually leaves him.

Series: 3
Episodes: 20
Transmitted: 1993-1996
Channel: BBC1

BBC Television
APC/Crucial Productions

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