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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: Parralox (31 Aug 01)

Edina has started a TV production company, in partnership with TV presenter Katy Grin. Patsy has decided to try parallox injections in an attempt to get rid of her wrinkles. Saffy is trying to get a job with New Labour.

Edina manages to wangle a guest spot on Richard And Judy for herself and her client, Twiggy.

As her TV appearance approaches, Edina begins to worry about her appearance. Patsy persuades her to try parallox injections.

Also Appearing:
Naoko Mori (Sarah), Bob Barrett (Labour Party Man), Tilly Blackwood (Lady Candy), Twiggy (Herself), Lady Victoria Hervey (Herself), Michael Greco (Himself), Stephen Gately (Himself), Richard Madeley (Himself), Judy Finnigan (Herself)

2: Fish Farm (7 Sep 01)

Patsy and Edina have been trying to recapture lost youth at a Marilyn Manson concert.

Next morning, Eddy encounters an attractive young man in the garden. He's a landscape gardener employed by Saffy. He also turns out to be the younger brother of a rich aristocrat.

Encouraged by Patsy, Edina does her best to "charm" the young man, apparently with some success.

Also Appearing:
Tim Wylton (Brice)

3: Paris (14 Sep 01)

Patsy takes part in a photoshoot in Paris. Edina and Saffy go along to keep her company.

Patsy doesn't particularly enjoy her return to modelling. She doesn't like the clothes she's supposed to wear and the photographer is a walking nightmare.

4: Donkey (21 Sep 01)

Edina has tried virtually evry diet that's ever been invented, with little real success. She's still desperate to be thin, so she decides to try a "detox" regime. She starts a strict diet and enrols on a fitness programme run by the British Army.

The "detox" programme begins to have a positive effect, though Edina is troubled by nocturnal visits from God and the Devil.

Saffy encounters an old school friend, Taylor Johns, who thinks that she may be able to help further his acting career.

Patsy decides to try life without her trademark fringe.

Also Appearing:
Helen Lederer (Catriona), Harriet Thorpe (Fleur), Till Blackwood (Lady Candy), Andrea Gillie (Patsy's PA), Jessica Wilcocks (Minge), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Taylor Johns), Marianne Faithfull (God), Anita Pallenberg (The Devil)

5: Small Opening (28 Sep 01)

Saffy's first play, Self-Raising Flower, is opening at a local theatre.

When she realises that the play is largely autobiographical, Edina plots to get the performance cancelled. She fails.

The first night of Saffy's play is attended by Edina, Patsy, Edina's mother, Saffy's father, Justin, Edina's first hgusband, Marshall and his American girlfriend, Bo.

As the play progresses, Edina contributes ad-libs from the audience.

Also Appearing:
Christopher Malcolm (Justin), Christopher Ryan (Marshall), Mo Gaffney (Bo), Naoko Mori (Sarah), Melanie Jessop (Policewoman), Tilly Blackwood (Lady Candy), Josh Neale (Actor), Miles Western (Actor), Emma Pierson (Actress), Lill Roughley (Actress)

6: Menopause (5 Oct 01)

Bubble has E-mailed Edina's address book and most of her private correspondence to rival PR person Claudia Bing. As a result, Edina has lost all of her clients except for Twiggy.

Edina is faced with the total collapse of her business "empire". She's also facing the onset of the menopause.

Saffy arranges a Menopause Anonymous meeting and persuades her mother and Patsy to attend.

Patsy visits her gynaecolagist and subsequently seems to undergo a complete change of personality.

Also Appearing:
Twiggy (Herself)

Gay (27 Dec 02)

Edina goes off to New York to look for her son Serge. She has heard that he's gay.