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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Fashion (12 Nov 92)

Edina has to organise a major fashion event and she's running short of time and ideas. Daughter Saffron doesn't help when she tries to talk her mother into giving up drinking.

2: Fat (19 Nov 92)

An old friend of Edina's is planning to pay her a visit. Edina remembers that the friend in question was always slim and elegant, so she becomes obsessed with the idea of losing weight. She's so desperate that she's even prepared to take Patsy's suggestion of emergency liposuction seriously.

Also Appearing:
Anthony Asbury (Georgy), Alexandra Bastedo (Penny Casper-Morse), Russell Kilmister (Surgeon), Christopher Malcolm (Justin)

3: France (26 Nov 92)

Edina and Patsy set off for a holiday in a "luxury villa" in Provence. When they arrive, they find that the "luxury villa" is actually a dingy hovel. Edina rings Saffy and tells her to bring food. Bubble comes as well, to tell Edina about problems with her new interior decorating business. As the holiday comes to a close, Edina discovers that they've been staying in the wrong place.They should have been in a luxurious chateau down the road.

Also Appearing:
Geoff McGivern (Customs Officer), Juliette Mole (Air Hostess), Robert Ripa (Old Frenchman)

4: Iso Tank (3 Dec 92)

Edina has bought an isolation tank. However, she doesn't like being alone, so she gets Patsy to share it with her. While she's in the tank, she falls asleep and has some very strange dreams.

Also Appearing:
Tricia Aileen (School Secretary), Sidney Cole (Teacher), Lisa Coleman (Joanna), Annabel Hampson (Headmistress), Melanie Jessop (Secretary), James Lance (Daniel), Paul Mark Elliott (Teacher), Naoko Mori (Sarah), Adrian Ross-Magenty (James), Tim Woodward (Tony)

5: Magazine (10 Dec 92)

Patsy makes a rare appearance at the magazine where she's supposed to work. She's given the job of organising a fashion item for a breakfast television show. She persuades Edina's mother and Saffron to take part. She also schemes to break up the relationship between Edina and her new boyfriend.

Also Appearing:
Eleanor Bron (Patsy's Mother), Kathy Burke (Magda), Adrian Edmondson (Hamish), Dawn French (Kathy), Helen Lederer (Catriona), Harriet Thorpe (Fleur)

6: Birthday (17 Dec 92)

Saffron is planning a surprise party for Edina's 40th birthday. She's invited the "family" - Edina's mother, Patsy and both of Edina's ex-husbands. When the big day arrives, Edina is so depressed about being 40 that she locks herself in her bedroom and refuses to come out. When she finally agrees to come down and join the party, it's only so that she can try to depress everyone else.

Also Appearing:
Gary Beadle (Oliver), Mo Gaffney (Bo), Christopher Malcolm (Justin), Christopher Ryan (Marshall)

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