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Edina Monsoon
(Jennifer Saunders)

Eddy is a forty-something PR person with two chidren, Saffron and Serge.

She's obsessed with fashion and other fads.

Her company has few clients but she somehow manages to find enough money to live comfortably with her daughter Saffy in her house in Holland Park, London.


Patsy Stone
(Joanna Lumley)

Patsy has been Eddy's best friend since they were children.

Like Eddy, she's totally obsessed with fads and fashion.

She works for a fashion magazine, a job she got by sleeping with the magazine's publisher. She spends as little time at work as possible.

In the past, she was a model and starred in a number of low-budget (mostly pornographic) films.


Saffron Monsoon
(Julia Sawalha)

Edina's daughter, Saffy, lives with her mother in Holland Park, London.

She's very intelligent, down-to-earth and sensible, unlike her mother.

She and Patsy share a deep mutual loathing for one another.

She spends most of her time looking after her mother.


(Jane Horrocks)

Bubble is Edina's personal assistant.

With her broad Lancashire accent, natural daftness and terrible dress sense, she's employed mainly to make Edina look good by comparison.


Mrs Monsoon
(June Whitfield)

Edina's mother is a kind, easy-going woman who isn't half as daft as she tends to make out.

She's rather indifferent to her daughter but has a great fondness for Saffy.


Katy Grin
(Jane Horrocks)

Katy Grin is Bubble's cousin.

In contrast to Bubble, she's a devious, ambitious, well-spoken snob.

She's a television presenter with a baby son (fathered by a sperm donation).


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