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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: Door Handle (30 Mar 95)

Edina can't make up her mind about how she wants to redesign her kitchen. She decides to start with a new door handle and she and Patsy set off to buy one - in New York.

2: Happy New Year (6 Apr 95)

It's New Year's Eve and Edina and Patsy are planning a wild night out clubbing. Then Patsy's long-lost sister Jackie turns up. They all end up at Saffron' s "boring" New Year's Eve celebrations.

Also Appearing:
Gary Beadle (Oliver), Rebecca Front (Cherysh), Christopher Malcolm (Justin), Kate O'Mara (Jakie), Christopher Ryan (Marshall)

3: Sex (13 Apr 95)

Edina and Patsy hire a couple of male prostitutes so that they can have an orgy. Edina falls asleep and missed all the "fun". Saffron is giving a talk to her genetics class which involves showing a video. She takes the wrong tape and ends up showing scenes from a 1960's orgy attended by her mother and Patsy.

Also Appearing:
James Dreyfus (Christopher), Idris Elba (Hilton), Ian Gelder (David), Andrew Loudon (Geoff), Naoko Mori (Sarah), Ben Soames (Boy), Caroline Waldron (Caroline), Lee Walters (Boy)

4: Jealous (20 Apr 95)

It's time for the annual "PR Person Of The Year" award. Edina turns up at the presentation ceremony expecting to win and is horrified and depressed when she doesn't.

Also Appearing:
Joanna Bowen (Journalist), Naomi Campbell (Herself), Celia Imrie (Claudia), Paul Reynolds (Squeak), Peter Richardson (Tony), Simon Stokes (Gerard)

5: Fear (27 Apr 95)

Saffron leaves home and goes to live in a college hall of residence. Edina and Patsy have fallen out again. Patsy finds herself out of work when the magazine closes down. She accepts a job as a fashion editor in New York.

Also Appearing:
Kathy Burke (Magda), John Hudson (Lecturer), Helen Lederer (Catriona), Naoko Mori (Sarah), Harriet Thorpe (Fleur), Caroline Waldron (Caroline), Lulu (Herself)

6: The End (4 May 95)

Edina is on her own now that Saffron has left home and Patsy has gone to New York. She goes off to live in a commune, but finds it difficult to fit in. Meanwhile, Mother has become addicted to home shopping. Patsy isn't enjoying her new life in New York. When Edina turns up in a helicopter, Patsy agrees to forget their differences and return to England. The programme end with a look at Edina, Patsy and Saffron twenty-five years in the future.

Also Appearing:
Kevin Allen (Ben), Suzanne Bertish (Gina), Max Brant (Mitchel Friedman), Kathy Burke (Magda), Sean Chapman (Santé), Daniella Denby-Ashe (Saffy's Daughter), Drew Eliot (Justice Of The Peace), Mo Gaffney (Bo), Josie Laurence (Cable TV Presenter), Danny Newman (Saffy's Son), Rupert Penry-Jones (Boy At Party), Mossie Smith (Diane), Ruby Wax (Candy)

The Last Shout - Part 1 (6 Nov 96)

Patsy has to leave her flat above an "Oddbins" shop. She also has to find a new job. Bubble has gone off to work for a French fashion magazine. Saffron has a new boyfriend, Paolo. Edina and Patsy decide to go off for a skiing holiday. Saffron announces that she and Paolo are to be married.

Also Appearing:
Marcella Detroit (Angel), Marianne Faithfull (God), Mo Gaffney (Bo), Tom Hollander (Paolo), Helen Lederer (Catriona), Christopher Malcolm (Justin)

The Last Shout - Part 2 (7 Nov 96)

Edina returns from her skiing holiday to find one of her mother's old friends living in a campervan outside the house. Saffron's wedding has to be organised. When the big day arrives, things don't work out quite the way everyone expected.

Also Appearing:
Gary Beadle (Oliver), Christopher Biggins (Himself), Dora Bryan (Millie), Kathy Burke (Magda), Connor Burrows (Choirboy), Nickey Clarke (Himself), Marcella Detroit (Angel), Ed Devereaux (Mac), Carmen Du Sautoy (Kalishia), Marianne Faithfull (God), Mo Gaffney (Bo), Georgina Grenville (Gucci Girl), Candida Gubbins (Shop Assistant), Tom Hollander (Paolo), Christian Lacroix (Himself), Helen Lederer (Catriona), Calum Macleod (Vicar), Christopher Malcolm (Justin), Suzy Menkes (Herself), Naoko Mori (Sarah), Bruce Oldfield (Himself), Christopher Ryan (Marshall), Alan Talbot (Carlo), Harriet Thorpe (Fleur)