The Young Ones : Summary

One of the programmes that brought 'alternative' comedy to British television screens, complete with rambling plots, 'comic asides' and 'musical interludes'. It concerns the daily life and 'adventures' of a group of students living in a sleazy house.

Rick (Rik Mayall) is a fanatical disciple of Cliff Richard, eager to protest his lack of virginity at every opportunity.

Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson) is a total nutter, hell bent on bringing about maximum mayhem and destruction.

Neil (Nigel Planer) is a hippy type who does most of the cooking (mainly with lentils) and cleaning (what there is of it).

Mike (Christopher Ryan) is a smoothie, totally out of step with the rest of the no-hope loonies in the house.

Alexei Sayle appears as various members of the Balowski family and contributes a variety of short 'asides' during episodes.

Series: 2
Episodes: 12
Transmitted: 1982-1984
Channel: BBC2

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