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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Showing The Flag (2 Jan 75)

Sergeant Major Williams tries to teach the men from the Concert Party to perform the ceremony of lowering the flag at sunset. The results prove to be far from satisfactory.

The Sergeant Major is still trying to get the Concert Party sent "up the jungle".

2: Down In The Jungle (9 Jan 75)

The men from the concert party are on their way to put on a concert in the jungle. The plane carrying them has problems en route and crash-lands in the jungle.

The men set off to explore their surroundings. They capture a group of 'Japanese soldiers', then discover that they are actually waiters from a nearby Chinese restaurant.

3: The Natives Are Revolting (16 Jan 75)

There's a water shortage, so the men have only a few minutes eah morning to perform their ablutions. Returning to their barracks, the men find that the white stones in the flowerbed outside the battery office have been rearranged to read "British Pigs Go Home". Sergeant Major Williams gets very upset and angry.

Next morning, the Union Flag has been taken down and the Indian national flag has been hoisted in its place. The Sergeant Major orders the men to assemble the Indian workers so that he can question them about the anti-Briitish activities of the past few days.

The Sergeant Major rips up the Indian flag in front of the local workers. This is witnessed by the new District Officer, an Indian, who is paying a visit to the camp. He insists that the Sergeant Major should make a public apology for his actions. The Colonel is forced to agree and BSM Williams is ordered to make an apology the following morning.

Next day, the men from the Concert Party save the Sergeant Major from embarrassment by singing an apology.

4: Cabaret Time (23 Jan 75)

The men from the Concert Party are talked into providing the cabaret at the Kama Sutra club, which is 'out of bounds' for British troops. They don't know that it's part of a plot by Sergeant Major Williams to get them arrested and posted 'up the jungle'.

5: The Curse Of The Sadhu (30 Jan 75)

Sergeant Major Williams has a sadhu (an Indian holy man) thrown out of the camp. A curse is placed on him in retaliation. The men from the Concert Party plot to make it look as if the curse is working on the Sergeant Major.

Later that night, the Sergeant Major begins acting very strangely. He rushes around the camp and behaves like a monkey. He has to be given a tranquillising injection.

Rangi Ram is sent to find the holy man, who offers to lift the curse for 200 rupees. Then Rangi discovers that the holy man is, in fact, a phony.

Gunner Beaumont disguises himself as a holy man and pretends to lift the 'curse'. The Sergeant Major returns to normal.

6: Forbidden Fruits (6 Feb 75)

Most of the men in the camp can't stop thinking about women. Even the officers aren't immune. The Sergeant Major discovers that supplies of bromide for the men's tea have run out.

The Sergeant Major has taken a fancy to a young Chinese girl who works for Mrs Waddilove-Evans. He gets the bearer to deliver notes to her.

The Colonel has a visit from Daphne Waddilove-Evans. She tells him that her husbnd is leaving for the Punjab that night. She promises to send him a note when the coast is clear.

The Sergeant Major has a visit from the young Chinese girl, who asks him to visit her that evening. Rangi Ram tells the men from the Concert Party and they decide to go along with a camera, hoping to get a compromising photograph.

Captain Ashwood finds the note from Daphne Waddilove-Evans to the Colonel. He thinks it was meant for him.

That evening, the Colonel, the Captain and Sergeant Major all arrive at Mrs Waddilove-Evans, followed by the men from the Concert Party. Total chaos ensues.

7: Has Anyone Seen My Cobra? (13 Feb 75)

Solly wants to use a real snake in a new Concert Party routine, so he organises auditions of the local snake charmers. One of the snakes (a cobra) escapes. It finds its way into the Sergeant Major's quarters. Everyone has to rally round to rescue Sergeant Major Williams.

8: The Night Of The Thugs (20 Feb 75)

The men from the Concert Party are out on the road, putting on a show for the troops. The monsoon starts early and everyone is stranded miles from anywhere. They take shelter in an old ruined thugee temple.

The truck which is supposed to be picking the men up has been held up because of flooding, so everyone has to spend the night in the temple.

There's a large statue in the temple, which seems to have rubies for eyes. The gang are tempted by the 'rubies'. Theyo try to steal them, without success.

Next morning, they talk the temple's curator into selling them the 'jewels' for 500 rupees. They are, of course, fakes made from coloured glass.