Game On : Summary

Mandy (Samantha Janus) is a 'modern' girl. She has a degree and plenty of ambition. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much luck when it comes to finding decent jobs. She'll "shag" virtually anyone who asks her, with the notable exceptions of her flatmates, Matthew and Martin.

Matthew (Ben Chaplin) would be a very outgoing sort of person if it weren't for his agarophobia. He used to have a job and a social life, but now he stays in the flat all the time, which has a major detrimental effect on his "bird pulling" ambitions

Martin (Matthew Cottle) is very timid and lacking in confidence, especially where women are concerned. He's a very nice sort of bloke who is easily "put upon" by others, including his flatmates.

Mandy, Martin and Matthew live in Flat 7, 23 Wellington Road.

The theme tune is "Where I Find My Heaven" by the Gigolo Aunts.

Ben Chaplin left the programme after the first series. Neil Stuke then took over the part of Matthew.

Series: 3
Episodes: 18
Transmitted: 1995-1998
Channel: BBC2

BBC Television
Hat Trick Productions