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Fletcher is trying to convince the prison doctor that he has "bad feet", so he'll be allowed to wear his own shoes instead of prison issue ones ...

Are you now or have you ever been a practising homosexual?

What, with these feet ... who'd have me?

From: New Faces, Old Hands

The doctor wants Fletcher to give a sample of urine, so he points to a glass vessel on a table some distance away ...

Can you fill that up for me?

What, from here?

The writers must have liked this joke, since they used more or less exactly the same lines in an episode of "Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?" and again in their contribution to the script of one of the James Bond movies.

From: New Faces, Old Hands

McLaren has been "acting the hard man" with Fletcher ...

I don't want no trouble with you, McLaren. Listen to me. You know I know your a hard case. We all know that. We all know you're full of nasty militant feelings, but if you ever talk to me again like that I'm going to twist your head round like a cork in a bottle of Beaujolais, all right?


I'm going to pull it off and give it to that poof in B wing to keep his wigs on!

From: Ways And Means

No, I've never got used to bolting these doors, you know. I think of all of you locked in these little cells and I ... I think of me going out of here and ... going home to my little house and my wife who's waiting for me.
(Looks forlorn)

What's the matter, Mr Barrowclough?

I sometimes wish I was in here with you lot!

From: Men Without Women

Godber, Fletcher and Lukewarm are talking about what they were doing in 1959, when Blanco was sent to prison ...

I was in junior school in 1959. Sat next to Ann Podmore; she was left-handed.

Fletcher: (To Lukewarm)
Fascinating. I bet he got on the right side of her!

From: Pardon Me

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