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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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Prisoner And Escort (1 Apr 73)

Norman Stanley Fletcher makes a big mistake when he commits his latest crime - he gets caught! He's sentenced to five years in Slade Prison. The trip from the railway station to the prison is uneventful until Fletcher gets 'caught short' and makes an unwise addition to the petrol in the prison van's tank.

1: New Faces, Old Hands (5 Sep 74)

It's Fletcher's first day at Slade Prison and he's getting to know his fellow inmates. He's an old lag, so he knows that he needs to pull a fast one to make sure life in prison isn't too arduous. When he learns that the Governor is interested in tropical fish, Fletcher siezes the opportunity to improve his situation.

2: The Hustler (12 Sep 74)

Gambling isn't allowed in prison, but Fletcher knows that it's a good way to relieve the boredom of prison life. He has a few ideas of his own about a possible 'flutter'.

3: A Night In (19 Sep 74)

Fletcher and Godber spend time after 'lights out' talking about what they'd rather be doing and who they'd like to be doing it with.

4: A Day Out (26 Sep 74)

Fletcher and Godber have been chosen to form part of an outside working party, digging drainage ditches for the local council. When Mr Mackay has to leave Mr Barrowclough in charge, it looks as if the prisoners won't have to work too hard. Fletcher manages to wangle a trip to the local pub and everyone ends up being locked up again, but not in prison!

5: Ways And Means (3 Oct 74)

Fletcher has lost his 'cushy' job and has been reassigned to making fishing nets. He hatches a plan to get himself back in the Governor's good books. Unfortunately for Fletcher, his plan involves a spell up on the roof.

6: Men Without Women (10 Oct 74)

Fletcher becomes an 'agony aunt' and ends up writing letters home for some of his fellow inmates. His daughter Ingrid brings bad news on visiting day, so Fletcher has to make a trip home to sort out his domestic problems.

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