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Norman Stanley Fletcher
(Ronnie Barker)

Fletcher has been in and out of prison since his teens. He's now very much an "old lag" who knows the ropes as far as "porridge" is concerned.

In spite of his gruff exterior, Fletch has a heart of gold. He'll do anything to help most of the other inmates, particularly if there's something in it for him.

He takes young Lennie Godber under his wing and shows him how to survive a "stretch" in prison.


Lennie Godber
(Richard Beckinsale)

It's Lennie's first time behind bars and at first he's not at all sure how he'll manage to survive.

He's determined to change his ways once he gets out, particularly when he sees how a lifetime of incarceration has affected some of the old lags in Slade Prison.


Mr MacKay
(Fulton MacKay)

Mr Mackay is a prison officer of the "old school", tough and unyielding of his treatment of the prisoners in his charge.

He makes a point of treating everyone with equal contempt.


Mr Barrowclough
(Brian Wilde)

Mr Barrowclough has a much more "modern" approach to prison, beieving that the inmates are there more for rehabilitation than for punishment.

The prisoners do their utmost to take advantage of Barrowclough's easy-going nature.


(Sam Kelly)

"Bunny" Warren is a cheerful reprobate who believes that his incarceration is largely a result of his lack of education.

He comes from Greater Manchester and has a wife named Elaine.


(Christopher Biggins)

Lukewarm is a gay man who prefers a quiet life with his knitting but he still manages to become involved in some of Fletcher's schemes.


(Tony Osoba)

McLaren is a "hard man" who had a tough upringing in a Glasgow orphanage.

He tends to "go off the handle" at the slightest provocation but is gradually calmed down as a result of Fletcher's influence.


Harry Grout
(Peter Vaughan)

The Governor thinks that he runs Slade Prison, but all of the prisoners know that Harry Grout is really in charge.

Nothing happens in the prison without Grouty's knowldege or approval. He either runs the all of the rackets or takes a "cut" whenever anyone finds a way of making a profit.


Ingrid Fletcher
(Patricia Brake)

Ingrid is Fletcher's oldest child and is the only member of his family who visits him in prison.

She's bright and attractive and soon becomes the object of Lennie Godber's affections.


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