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Del: You were gun running during the Spanish Civil War?

Grandad: Well ... that was the best time to do it!

From: It Never Rains ...

Del: Some people get wise men bearing gifts - we get a wally with a disease!

... about the return of his long-lost father

From: Thicker Than Water

Boycie: I heard a rumour that Mickey Mouse wears a Rodney Trotter wristwatch.

From: Video Nasty

Del: They asked me what I thought about Hamlet. I said I preferred Castellas.

... after meeting some of Raquel's theatrical friends

From: The Chance Of A Lunchtime

Del: I eat on the move - a mobile phone in one hand and a Pot Noodle in the other.

From: Stage Fright

Boycie: A man like you needs something to reflect your image - I've got a lovely Skoda in the forecourt.

... trying to sell a used car to Del

From: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle

Trigger: If it's a girl, they're calling her Sigourney, after an actress. And if it's a boy, they're naming him Rodney ... after Dave.

From: Three Men, A Woman And A Baby

Rodney: I am depressed because of the state of my life at the moment. I've got this 'orrible feeling that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, knowing my luck, I'll come back as me!

From: Three Men, A Woman And A Baby

Del: All right, Rodney, come on - what is it? What's really bothering you?

Rodney: I've got so many things worrying me ... the polar cap is melting, the continental shelves are shifting, the rain forest is dying, the sea is being poisoned ... and I ain't had a bit for months!

From: Three Men, A Woman And A Baby

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