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Although Only Fools And Horses was supposedly based in Peckham, London, none of the filming ever took place there. Locations were found in Brighton, Salisbury, Ipswich, Hull, Bristol and various parts of London.

Exterior filming at "Nelson Mandela House" was originally done at Harlech Tower, Park Road East, Acton, London. Later, filming switched to Whitemead House, Duckmore Road, Bristol.

The "Nag's Head" was filmed at various pubs in Brighton, Bristol, Hull, Ipswich, London and Salisbury.

The street markets used in various episodes were located in Bristol, Hull, Ipswich and Salisbury.

The hospital used in "Three Men, A Woman And A Baby" was Hillingdon Hospital, Uxbridge.

The famous "Batman And Robin" scene in "Heroes And Villains" was filmed in a shopping precinct in Bristol.

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