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Derek Edward Trotter [Del]
(David Jason)

Derek, usually called "Del" or "Delboy", is an outgoing, optimistic sort of bloke. He's also a bit of a 'flash git' according to some - including, at times, his younger brother Rodney.

He's got a heart of gold, though, and he'll do anything to help anyone (as long as they don't "cross" him).

Del's main aim in life is to make as much money as possible without attracting the attention of the police, the taxman or the "VAT man".


Rodney Charlton Trotter
(Nicholas Lyndhurst)

Rodney is Del's much younger brother. He can be a bit of a "plonker", but he always means well. He tends to be rather naiive, so it's not too difficult for people to "con" him.

Rodney tries hard to be "cool" and "one of the lads" but rarely with any kind of success.

Although he argues with Del and often wishes he could be more independent, he loves his brother and would do anything for him.


Edward Kitchener Trotter [Grandad]
(Lennard Pearce)

Grandad had a definite mournful streak, the result of years of hardship in his younger days.

He tended to be a "bit of a liability", but Del and Rodney thought the world of him.

He was a well-liked local "character".


Albert Gladstone Trotter
(Buster Merryfield)

Uncle Albert was Grandad's brother, though they weren't on speaking terms for many years before Grandad's death.

Albert was an old "sea dog" who frequently bored everyone to death with his stories about the things that happened to him "during the war". After retiring from the Merchant Navy, he survived by living with relatives, most of whom managed to find a way of getting rid of him. Eventually, it was Del and Rodney's turn to have Albert as a lodger.


Rachel Turner [Raquel]
(Tessa Peake-Jones)

Racqel Turner wants to be an actress, though she's working as a "strip-o-gram" when Del first meets her. They lose touch for a year, then meet up again when Del and Rodney visit a night club during a disastrous day trip to Margate.

Racquel eventually moves in with Del and they have a son, Damien.


Cassandra Louise Trotter
(Gwyneth Strong)

Rodney meets Cassandra at night school. They begin a relationship, get married, split up and are eventually reunited.

Cassandra, the daughter of a successful businessman, works in a bank and is keen to be successful.


Colin Ball [Trigger]
(Roger Lloyd Pack)

Trigger is a local roadsweeper. He tends to be rather dim, to say the least.

He has a habit of referring to Rodney as "Dave" - nobody knows why (not even Trigger) and it often gets up Rodney's nose.


Aubrey Terrance Boyce
(John Challis)

Boycie is a local used car dealer with a fairly "dodgy" reputation. He has a number of shady "sidelines" which often attract the attention of the local police, though they can rarely pin anything on him.

Boycie thinks of himself as "a cut above" his friends and acquaintances. After all, he has a successful business, plenty of money and a detached mock-Georgian house. In reality, he hasn't really moved that far away from his working class background and his "wealth" doesn't bring him as much happiness as he'd like.


Marlene Boyce
(Sue Holderness)

In her younger days, she was "a bit of a goer" - all the lads remember Marlene, as various people suggest from time to time. Nowadays, she's (more or less) happily married to Boycie.

She's very keen to become a mother, an ambition which is eventually realised after many years of "trying".


Denzil Tulser
(Paul Barber)

Denzil is a West Indian lorry driver.

He's normally a fairly relaxed, happy-go-lucky character - except, that is, when he's a victim of one of his mate Del's get-rich-quick schemes.


Mickey Pearce
(Patrick Murray)

Mickey is an old friend of Rodney's. He likes to think of himself as a "bit of a wheeler dealer" - a younger version of Delboy, in fact. As a rule, his "deals" aren't too successful.

He isn't what you would call a trustworthy kind of person. He doesn't think twice about stitching Rodney up when he feels he has to. He also tends to think of himself as "a bit of a lady's man", though in reality he tends to be no more successful than Rodney in that department.


Mike Fisher
(Kenneth MacDonald)

Mike was the landlord of the Nag's Head public house.

He liked to think of himself as a shrewd businessman, though he often managed to get "conned" by Del Trotter.


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