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Broadcast Details

Series 1
Broadcast from 28-Jan-74 to 10-Jun-74
(20 episodes)

Christmas Special
Broadcast on 24-Dec-74

Series 2
Broadcast from 11-Feb-75 to 24-Jun-75
(20 episodes)

Series 3
Broadcast from 16-Mar-76 to 7-Sep-76
(26 episodes)


Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier as Sergeant Wilson
Clive Dunn as Lance Corporal Jones
John Laurie as Private Frazer
Arnold Ridley as Private Godfrey
Ian Lavender as Private Pike
James Beck as Private Walker (1)
Graham Stark as Private Walker (2)
Larry Martyn as Private Walker (3)
Bill Pertwee as ARP Warden Hodges
Frank Williams as The Vicar
Edward Sinclair as The Verger
John Snagge as The Narrator


Written by:
Jimmy Perry and David Croft

Adapted by:
Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles

Produced by:
John Dyas

BBC Radio

Episode List

Series 1 (1974)

  1. The Man And The Hour (28-Jan-74)
  2. Museum Piece (4-Feb-74)
  3. Command Decision (11-Feb-74)
  4. The Enemy Within The Gates (18-Feb-74)
  5. The Battle Of Godfrey's Cottage (25-Feb-74)
  6. The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones (4-Mar-74)
  7. Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret (11-Mar-74)
  8. A Stripe For Frazer (18-Mar-74)
  9. Operation Kilt (25-Mar-74)
  10. Battle School (1-Apr-74)
  11. Under Fire (8-Apr-74)
  12. Something Nasty In The Vault (15-Apr-74)
  13. The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones (22-Apr-74)
  14. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker (29-Apr-74)
  15. Sorry, Wrong Number (6-May-74)
  16. The Bullet Is Not For Firing (13-May-74)
  17. Room At The Bottom (20-May-74)
  18. The Menace From The Deep (27-May-74)
  19. No Spring For Frazer (3-Jun-74)
  20. Sons Of The Sea (10-Jun-74)

Christmas Special (1974)

Present Arms (24-Dec-74)

Series 2 (1975)

  1. Don't Forget The Diver (11-Feb-75)
  2. If The Cap Fits (18-Feb-75)
  3. Put That Light Out (25-Feb-75)