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After the final series of Dad's Army had been transmitted, a number of ideas were put forward for a sequel. One of these came from Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles, who had been responsible for the Dad's Army radio programmes.

After the war, Mainwaring would become involved with the running of a pier at Frambourne, a few miles down the coast from Walmington-On-Sea. A pilot programme was made for BBC Radio, but Arthur Lowe died before a series could be produced.

Not wanting to let the idea die with Arthur Lowe, Knowles and Snoad came up with a new version involving Wilson, Pike and Hodges. Thirteen episodes were made and broadcast during 1983-84.

Sadly, it seems that no master tapes were retained for the BBC archives. Copies of all episodes do, however, still exist in various private collections.

Episode List

It Sticks Out Half A Mile

1: The Business Proposition
2: The Bank Loan
3: Who Owned The Pier?
4: Inspecting The Piles
5: Pike In Love
6: The Friends Of Frambourne Pier
7: The First Meeting
8: Marooned
9: The Fancy Dress Night
10: The Builder
11: War Damage
12: The Pin Up Girl
13: Hidden Treasure