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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Oh! To Be In England : 1 (26 Jan 92)

Mariette gives birth to a baby boy, John Blenheim Churchill Marlborough Charlton.

Pop Larkin buys some unwanted belongings from an old lady named Mrs Meredith. Her nephew, Captain Broadbent, objects to the sale of the items and makes Pop sell some of them back. Several days later, while looking in the window of an antique shop, Pop sees a vase which was among the items he returned. He realises that Captain Broadbent is cheating his aunt, so he hatches a plan to teach him a lesson.

Charley is unhappy about having to scratch a living hatching chicks and selling eggs. He buys a load of scrap iron to sell on, but gets conned.

The vicar comes around to discuss the christening of Oscar and John Blenheim. Ma and Pop Larkin are persuaded that they should have all of their children baptised. Primrose takes a fancy to the vicar.

Captain Broadbent is conned into buying back his aunt's vase for 200 pounds, which Pop gives to the old lady.

2: Oh! To Be In England : 2 (2 Feb 92)

Pop drives to Canterbury on business and takes Edith along for a drive. They pass a fairground run by one of Pop's old friends, Fruity Pears. He tells Pop that business isn't too good. Later, Fruity has problems with a group of young louts and is knocked unconscious. He has to spend a few days in hospital.

Madamoiselle Dupont is coming to England for the christening, expecting to be staying in 'Milord' Larkin's large country house. Pop and the Brigadier go to pick her up from the cross-channel ferry. She's rather disappointed when she sees the Larkin farm.

Charley wants to discover an effective way of freezing soft fruit in the hope of making a fortune. He buys a lorry load of strawberries to experiment with.

Pop visits Fruity in hospital, learns that his friend is thinking of selling his funfair and offers to buy it from him. The vicar pays the Larkins a visit to discuss the christening. Charley has to abandon his strawberry freezing experiments. The louts who assaulted Fruity pay the Larkin farm an unwelcome visit.

The day of the mass baptism and christening arrives. The Larkins throw a party after the service. The group of louts arrive again and the vicar sends them packing.

3: Stranger At The Gates : 1 (9 Feb 92)

Itinerant worker Pieter, who claims to be from Holland, is a big hit with everyone who meets him. Then the villagers find out that he's actually German and people suddenly become hostile.

4: Stranger At The Gates : 2 (16 Feb 92)

Charlie and Mariette track down Pieter, who's gone missing. They persuade him to return to the Larkin farm. With Pop's help, Pieter is restored to favour in the village. Primrose is in pursuit of the local vicar, Reverend Candy.

5: A Season Of Heavenly Gifts : 1 (23 Feb 92)

Pop meets an ex-RAF type and has a sudden windfall. He manages to fall foul of shady property developer Marcus Cope. Charlie is busy trying to raise the money to buy a hop garden.

6: A Season Of Heavenly Gifts : 2 (1 Mar 92)

Marcus Cope is desperately trying to get his hands on Pop Larkin's mysterious hoard of cash. Charley is still trying to buy the hop garden, which Marcus Cope also wants for redevelopment.

Le Grand Weekend (26 Dec 92)

Pop and Ma Larkin decide to go off on a package holiday to Paris, leaving Charley and Mariette to hold the fort back at home. The trip proves to be more eventful than expected.