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Based on H.E. Bates' novels and short stories about the Larkin family, The Darling Buds Of May became one of the most popular comedy drama programmes on UK television.

Sidney 'Pop' Larkin (David Jason) has somehow managed to avoid paying tax or national insurance throughout his working life. He's become a legendary figure at the local tax office.

When taxman 'Charlie' Charlesworth (Philip Franks) sets out to track Pop down, he doesn't know that he's in for a life-changing experience. He ends up quitting his job, staying with the Larkin family and marrying Mariette Larkin (Catherine Zeta Jones).

Pop lives with the mother of his many children, Flo Parker (Pam Ferris). She's usually better known as "Ma Larkin".

Series: 3
Episodes: 20
Transmitted: 1991-1993
Channel: ITV

Yorkshire Television

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