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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Darling Buds Of May : 1 (7 Apr 91)

The tax office send Charley out to find out why Pop Larkin has never paid any tax. Charley arrives at the Larkin farm and tries to persuade Pop to fill in a tax return form. Somehow, Pop manages to avoid filling in the form and Charley finds himself transformed into a weekend guest.

2: The Darling Buds Of May : 2 (14 Apr 91)

Charley thinks he should leave the Larkin farm and return to his job at the tax office. He's talked into playing truant and joining the family in a strawberry picking expedition. Pop delivers a note from Charley to the tax office. Meanwhile, Charley is surprised to find women fighting over him.

3: When The Green Woods Laugh : 1 (21 Apr 91)

Charley and Mariette's whirlwind romance culminates in wedding plans. Ma Larkin is busy making the arrangements, while Pop is busy trying to buy a stately home at a knockdown price.

4: When The Green Woods Laugh : 2 (28 Apr 91)

Pop finds himself in court, charged with indecent assault. Things look black until Pop's brother saves the day. Charley and Mariette are married.

5: A Breath Of French Air : 1 (5 May 91)

It's a wet, miserable English summer and everyone's feeling down in the dumps. A holiday in Brittany seems like a good idea. The family set off with great expectations, but are initially disappointed when they arrive at their holiday destination to find that it's just as wet and miserable in Brittany as it is in England.

6: A Breath Of French Air : 2 (12 May 91)

Pop and Ma are having a good time in France, while Primrose has made a new friend. Things aren't going too well between Charley and Mariette, however, until Charley decides to assert himself.

Christmas Is Coming (22 Dec 91)

Christmas with the Larkin family.

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