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A long-running sitcom set in the very old-fashioned Grace Brothers department store, owned by octagenarian Young Mr Grace (Harold Bennett).

The programme deals with the working life of the staff of the Ladies' and Gent's Outfitting departments. Pompous Floorwalker, Captain Peacock (Frank Thornton), is in overall charge on the floor and Mr Rumbold (Nicholas Smith) is the Manager.

Gents' Outfitting is staffed by Mr Grainger (Arthur Brough), Mr Humphries (John Inman) and Mr Lucas (Trevor Bannister).

Ladies' Outfitting is staffed by Mrs Slocombe (Mollie Sugden) and Miss Brahms (Wendy Richard).

Although all episodes were filmed in colour, the pilot now only exists in a black-and-white version

Series: 10
Episodes: 69
Transmitted: 1972-1985
Channel: BBC1

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