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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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Are You Being Served? (8 Sep 72)

The Grace Brothers department store is being reorganised. As part of the reorganisation, the Ladies' Department has to share a floor with Gentlemen's Outfitting.

The older members of staff are far from happy with the new arrangements.

Mr Lucas, a new member of staff, can't see what all the fuss is about. The move means that he'll be able to spend most of his time at work looking at the lovely Miss Brahms.

Trouble flairs very quickly when Miss Brahms asks Mr Grainger to take his trousers down to make room for Mrs Slocombe's strapless bras.

Also appearing:
Stephanie Gathercole (Secretary), Michael Knowles (Customer)

(Comedy Playhouse)

1: Dear Sexy Knickers ... (21 Mar 73)

Mr. Lucas' sends a saucy love note to Miss Brahms. Unfortunately, Mrs. Slocombe receives the note by mistake. She thinks it was sent by Captain Peacock. Mayhem ensues.

Also appearing:
Robert Raglan (The 40-inch Waist), Derek Smith (The 28-inch Inside Leg)

2: Our Figures Are Slipping (28 Mar 73)

Sales figures for the past few weeks have been disappointing. Mr Rumbold makes everyone stay behind at the end of the day so that they can discuss ways of improving their selling techniques.

Also appearing:
Stephanie Gathercole (Secretary), Peter Needham (The Returned Glen Check)

3: Camping In (4 Apr 73)

There's a transport strike, so everyone has to spend the night in the store. Tents are provided, but some members of staff aren't happy about the arrangements. Mrs Slocombe is worried about the prospect of men wandering about at night. So is Mr Grainger.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (The Leatherette Gloves), James Copeland (The Scot), Stephanie Gathercole (Secretary), Pamela Manson (The Large Brim With Fruit), Anita Richardson (The 38C Cup), David Rowlands (The Man With The Large Bra)

4: His And Hers (11 Apr 73)

A perfume display stand suddenly appears in the middle of the shop floor. Mr Rumbold tells the staff that the store has agreed a franchise deal with 'His And Hers' perfume.

Trouble starts when it becomes known that the perfume company plans to give away free stockings and ties with every purchase. Mrs Slocombe and Mr Grainger are very unhappy about the idea.

Mr Humphries saves the day with the aid of a hidden microphone.

Also appearing:
Margaret Flint (Customer), Joanna Lumley (Miss French), Evan Ross (Customer)

5: Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend (18 Apr 73)

A wealthy customer loses the diamond from her ring. She offers a reward of 100 for its return.

Everyone thinks they've found the diamond, until they discover that some artificial stones have fallen off a dress while Mr Mash was moving it.

The real diamond is eventually found.

Also appearing:
Janet Davies (The Outsize Dress), Stephanie Gathercole (Secretary), Elizabeth Larner (Customer), Hilary Pritchard (Wealthy Customer), Vicki Woolf (Mr Humphries' Friend)

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