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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: Captain Cook (28 Sep 89)

General Melchett wants a regimental artist for a special mission. Captain Blackadder gets the job by pretending that he's the artist who painted a picture which was actaually produced by Lieutenant George Barleigh. Then he discovers that the special mission involves sitting out in No Man's Land painting pictures of the German lines. Edmund decides to avoid danger and gets George to produce paintings from his imagination.

2: Corporal Punishment (5 Oct 89)

Blackadder shoots and eats a messenger pigeon, then discovers that it's General Melchett's childhood pet "Speckled Jim". Edmund faces a court martial headed by the General and is sentenced to death. While Captain Blackadder awaits death, George and Baldrick try to think of a way to save him.

Also appearing:
Lee Cornes (Private Fraser), Stephen Frost (Corporal Jones), Jeremy Gittins (Private Tipplewick), Jeremy Hardy (Corporal Perkins), Paul Mark Elliott (Private Robinson)

3: Major Star (12 Oct 89)

General Melchett wants to boost morale, so he asks for a volunteer top organise a concert party. When Blackadder learns that the show will be transferred to the London Palladium, he sees it as a way out of the trenches and volunteers. Second Lieutenant George Barleigh will star as "Gorgeous Georgina". Baldrick will do a Charlie Chaplin impression. Everything goes according to plan until General Melchett decides that he's falling in love with "Georgina".

Also appearing:
Gabrielle Glaister (Driver Parkhurst)

4: Private Plane (19 Oct 89)

Blackadder applies to join the Royal Flying Corps as a way of escaping the trenches. During his first flight, he and Baldrick are shot down behind enemy lines. They're captured by the Red Baron. Just when it looks as if they'll be sent to Germany as prisoners, they are rescued by flying ace Lord Flasheart.

Also appearing:
Hugo E Blick (Lieutenant von Gerbardt), Adrian Edmondson (Baron von Richthoven), Gabrielle Glaister (Driver Parkhurst), Rik Mayall (Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart)

5: General Hospital (26 Oct 89)

A bomb lands on the British trenches and George ends up in hospital. General Melchett sends Blackadder into the same hospital on a secret mission to discover the identity of a German spy. Edmund has only three weeks to successfully complete his mission.

Also appearing:
Miranda Richardson (Nurse Mary Turnsouttobeaspyattheend), Bill Wallis (Brigadier Smith)

6: Goodbyeee (2 Nov 89)

Orders are finally given for the "big push" to begin. Captain Blackadder must lead his men "over the top" to glory (i.e. certain death). Edmund tries every ruse he can think of to avoid his fate, but has to do his duty in the end.

Also appearing:
Geoffrey Palmer (Field Marshal Haig)

Blackadder Back And Forth (1 Oct 00)

Lord Blackadder is holding a party to celebrate the coming of the new millennium. Baldrick tells his master that he has made a time machine out of old cereal packets. He suggests that Blackader can make some money by betting his friends that he can go back in time and return with various historical artefacts (which Baldrick has hidden in the cellar).

When he puts Baldrick's plan into operation, Lord Blackadder is astonished to find that the cardboard time machine actually works. The pair go off on a tour of history, meeeting many familiar characters during their journey.

First transmitted on the Sky 1 satellite channel