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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Foretelling (15 Jun 83)

1485. Edmund accidentally kills his great uncle, Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. This means that Edmund's father becomes King. Edmund also unwittingly helps his father's enemy, Henry Tudor, to escape. With the help of Percy and Baldrick, and in spite of the appearance of Richard III's ghost, Edmund manages to divert suspicion away from himself. Then he decides to prepare for the day when he can take the throne for himself. He changes his image and becomes ... The Black Adder.

Also appearing:
Peter Benson (Henry VII), Peter Cook (Richard III), Gretchen Franklin (Cordelia), Philip Kendall (Painter), Barbara Miller (Regan), Kathleen St John (Goneril)

2: Born To Be King (22 Jun 83)

1486. King Richard IV sets off for the Crusades, leaving his son Prince Harry as Regent. Edmund is given the job of looking after the drains and organising the frolics for St. Leonard's day, when the King is due to return. Edmund retaliates by trying to cast doubt on Harry's legitimacy, but only succeeds in casting doubt on his own. He narrowly escapes losing all of his land and titles to a wild, hairy Scot.

Also appearing:
Joolia Cappleman (Celia, Countess Of Cheltenham), Martin Clarke (Sir Dominic), Angus Deayton (Jumping Jew of Jerusalem), Malcolm Hardee (3rd Wooferoonie), Alex Norton (McAngus), David Nunn (Messenger), Martin Soan (2nd Wooferoonie)

3: The Archbishop (29 Jun 83)

1487. King Richard IV has been on the throne for two years. He's involved in a bitter dispute with the Church over who inherits land when noblemen die. As a result, each Archbishop Of Canterbury he appoints only lives for a short time. When the post suddenly becomes vacant again, the King announces that his son Edmund will be the next incumbent. Archbishop Edmund has his work cut out trying to stay alive.

Also appearing:
Carolyn Colquohoun (Sister Sara), David Delve (Sir George de Boeuf), Russell Enoch (The Duke of Winchester), Roy Evans (Abel), Joyce Grant (Mother Superior), Arthur Hewlett (Godfrey, Archbishop of Canterbury), Arthur Hewlett (William, Bishop of London), Paul McDowell (Herbert, Archibishop of Canterbury), David Nunn (Messenger), Bert Parnaby (Cain), Leslie Sands (Lord Graveney), Bill Wallis (Sir Justin of Boinod)

4: The Queen Of Spain's Beard (6 Jul 83)

1492. King Richard IV wants to strengthen his position in Europe, so he decides that his youngest son Edmund will marry the Infanta of Spain. Edmund doesn't object, having heard that the Infanta is a beautiful young woman. He changes his mind when he actually meets her and finds that rumours of her beauty are wildly inaccurate. Edmund is eventually saved fromk a fate worse than death. Then he finds himself married to Princess Leia of Hungary, a very young girl.

Also appearing:
Jim Broadbent (Don Speckingleesh), Jane Freeman (Mrs. Applebottom), Willoughby Goddard (Archbishop), Harriet Keevil (Lady on Ramparts), Natasha King (Princess Leia of Hungary), Howard Lew Lewis (Mr. Applebottom), Miriam Margolyes (Infanta Maria Escalosa of Spain), Richard Mitchley (2nd Messenger), David Nunn (3rd & 4th Messengers), John Rapley (Rex Lloyd), Stephen Tate (Lord Chiswick), Kenn Wells (1st Messenger)

5: Witchsmeller Pursuivant (13 Jul 83)

1495. England is being swept by a great plague. King Richard IV is confined to bed, so Prince Harry is once again in charge. He decides that the nation's ills are the result of witchcraft, so he calls in the Witchsmeller Pursuivant to smell out devil worshippers. Edmund becomes the target of the Witchsmeller's anger. Along with Percy and Baldrick, Edmund "The Great Grumbledook" looks likely to end his life being burned at the stake.

Also appearing:
Mark Arden (Anon), Perry Benson (Daft Red), Forbes Collins (Dopey Jack), Patrick Duncan (Officer), Valentine Dyall (Angus), Roy Evans (Dumb Abel), Frank Finlay (Witchsmeller Pursuivant), Stephen Frost (Soft), Louise Gold (Mrs Tyler), Natasha King (Princess Leia), Howard Lew Lewis (Piers), Barbara Miller (Jane Kirkettle), Richard Murdock (Ross), Bert Parnaby (Dim Cain), Peter Schofield (Rife), Sarah Thomas (Mrs Kield)

6: The Black Seal (20 Jul 83)

1498. It's St. Juniper's Day. This is the day on which, traditionally, the King grants new honours to members of his family. Edmund is horrified when he's stripped of all of his titles except for "Lord Of The Privy", so he decides it's time he deposed his father and took the throne himself. He fires Percy and Baldrick and sets out to recruit the six most evil men in England to help him with his schemes. His plans are eventually thwarted by his lifelong enemy, Philip of Burgundy. The reign of Richard IV is brought to a gruesome end.

Also appearing:
Patrick Allen (Hawk), John Barrard (Retired Morris Dancer), Perry Benson (Pigeon Vendor), Paul Brooke (Friar Bellows), John Carlisle (Murdered Lord), Forbes Collins (Trusting Rather), Ron Cook (Sean the Irish Bastard), Roy Evans (Abel, a Blind Beggar), John Hallam (Sir Wilfred De'ath), Patrick Malahide (Guy of Glastonbury), Rik Mayall (Mad Gerald as Himself), Big Mick (Jack Large), Bert Parnaby (Cain, a Blind Beggar), Roger Sloman (Three Fingered Pete), Des Webb (Person of Unrestricted Growth)

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