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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Bells (9 Jan 86)

1560. Edmund Blackadder takes on a young manservant named Bob. To his horror, he realises that he's sexually attracted to the lad. Eventually, he discovers that "Bob" is really a girl named Kate. He decides to marry her. Then he makes the mistake of inviting Lord Flashheart to the wedding.

Also appearing:
Gabrielle Glaister (Kate), John Grillo (Dr. Leech), Edward Jewesbury (Kate's Fahter), Rik Mayall (Lord Flashheart), Barbara Miller (Wise Woman), Sadie Shimmin (Young Crone)

2: Head (16 Jan 86)

The Queen appoints Edmund as Chief Executioner. He decides to rearrange pending execautions so that he can have the middle of the week off. As a result, Lord Farrow is executed several days early. Then the Queen announces that she's decided to pardon him ...

Also appearing:
Holly de Jong (Lady Farrow), Patrick Duncan (Earl Farrow), Linda Pollan (Mrs Ploppy), Bill Wallis (Gaoler Ploppy)

3: Potato (23 Jan 86)

Sir Walter Raleigh returns from his explorations and becomes the toast of the Court. Edmund is jealous, so he decides to pretend that he's off to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. He recruits a mad sea captain and they set sail for France. After six months, Blackadder plans to sail back home and pretend that he's been off exploring. Unfortunately, Captain Rum gets lost and it's two years before Edmund gets back to England. By that time, the Queen has become tired of explorers, so Blackadder's imaginary exploits don't impress her. Edmund presents Sir Walter Raleigh and Lord Melchett with some unusual bottles of wine.

Also appearing:
Tom Baker (Captain Redbeard Rum), Simon Jones (Sir Walter Raleigh)

4: Money (30 Jan 86)

The Bishop of Bath and Wells visits Edmund Blackadder and demands repayment of a debt of one thousand pounds owed to the Bank of the Black Monks of St. Herod. If Edmund doesn't pay up quickly, the Bishop has plans involving a red hot poker and Blackadder's backside. Edmund needs a "cunning plan" to save his bacon.

Also appearing:
Ronald Lacey (Bishop of Bath & Wales), Philip Pope (Leonardo)

5: Beer (6 Feb 86)

Lord Melchett challenges Edmund to a drinking contest, to be held at Blackadder's house. Edmund agrees, then finds to his horror that his puritanical aunt and uncle, the Whiteadders, will be visiting him on the same night. He has to copwe with "turnip surprise" in one room and "special ale" in another.

Also appearing:
Roger Blake (Geoffrey Piddle), Hugh Laurie (Simon Partridge), Miriam Margolyes (Lady Whiteadder), Daniel Thorndike (Lord Whiteadder)

6: Chains (13 Feb 86)

The Queen is tired of having to pay ransoms for kidnapped noblemen, so she proclaims that she will only pay one more ransom. Then Edmund and Melchett are kidnapped and imprisoned by a mad German who plans to overthrow the English monarchy and make himself King. The Queen can't decide whether to pay a ransom for Edmund or for Lord Melchett, so she decides to hold a fancy dress ball with the money instead. Blackadder and Melchett manage to escape and return to the Palace just in time to meet a gruesome end along with the Queen and her followers.

Also appearing:
Mark Arden (1st Guard), Lee Cornes (2nd Guard), Max Harvey (Torturer), Hugh Laurie (Prince Ludwig)