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Episode Guide (Series 7)

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1: The Prodigal Returns (1 Sep 90)

Tristan returns to Darrowby, falls victim of one of James' practical jokes and ends up in trouble with Siegfried. Skeldale House needs a new housekeeper and Siegfried wants to give the job to Mrs Alton. He sends Tristan to finalise the arrangements and Tristan offers the job to the wrong Mrs Alton.

2: Knowin' How To Do It (8 Sep 90)

Tristan is in trouble after he accidentally injects some anti-abortion vaccine into Nat Briggs's backside. The young farmer in question becomes convinced that Tristan has ruined his chances of having a family, so he threatens violent retribution. Siegfried receives a letter threatening legal action. Helen wonders why James keeps disappearing.

3: If Music Be The Food Of Love (15 Sep 90)

Tristan takes a fancy to young Jane Mercer. She belongs to a choral society, so Tristan suddenly becomes very musical. Granville Bennett gives Siegfried a lesson in collecting payment of outstanding bills.

4: A Friend For Life (22 Sep 90)

James and Siegfried become involved in the Shadwell family's arguments over cattle. Mr Grimsdale's bull has swallowed a metal object, but the farmer won't agree to surgery. Tristan uses a metal detector to convince him that the animal needs urgent treatment.

5: Spring Fever (29 Sep 90)

The vets have problems with Mrs Donovan, who dispenses her homemade animal remedies to all and sundry. One of Tristan's old college friends needs a bed for a while, so Tristan lets him stay at Skeldale House. He doesn't want his brother to know, so he has to keep Mrs Alton in the dark about their new guest.

6: Out With The New (6 Oct 90)

It's Queen Elizabeth's Coronation and Darrowby prepares to celebrate. Siegfried deals with an attack of liver fluke in a sheep. James has to tackle a dog with a smelly problem.

7: Food For Thought (13 Oct 90)

Siegfried's old friend Stewie Brannen arranges for Professor Norton to come to a formal dinner at Skeldale House. Just before the meal, Siegfried and Stewie are called out to a calving and James has to look after their guest.

8: A Cat In Hull's Chance (20 Oct 90)

James and Helen have different ideas about dealing with daughter Rosie's wish to become a vet like her father. Helen wants to encourage her, while James doesn't think large animal work is suitable for a female vet. He sets out to show Rosie the less pleasant side of the practice.

Mrs Pettinger's kitten Prudence escapes and hitches a ride to Hull.

9: A Grand Memory For Forgetting (27 Oct 90)

When Jacob Pearson's dog is shot, Hugh Crawford is the prime suspect. James and Siegfried are having problems getting payment from Dennis Pratt. Then they resort to a spot of blackmail.

10: Old Dogs, New Tricks (3 Nov 90)

Siegfried comes to the aid of his old friend Ewan Ross, who's veterinary practice has deteriorated since his wife's death. James has to look after Tricki Woo while Mrs Pumphrey is in France.

11: Hampered (10 Nov 90)

Siegfried is out of circulation with his leg in plaster. Tristan is pursuing Mrs Pumprey's great-niece, Angela Mortimer. James has to act as a judge at the Darrowby Vegetable Show.

12: Promises To Keep (17 Nov 90)

Tristan has to castrate a pig. He forgets to dispose of the 'off-cuts', which are full of anaesthetic. The farm cats eat them and start passing out all over the farm.

The vets try to help Mrs Clarke, an old lady who's finding it difficult to keep her farm going.

Brotherly Love (24 Dec 90)

James and Tristan become involved in a feud between two brothers who both want to ring the Christmas bells. A suspected case of Foot and Mouth Disease threatens to ruin the Christmas festivities.

The purchase of a new car turns out to a mistake.