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Episode Guide (Series 5)

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1: Against The Odds (3 Sep 88)

The Dales are several feet deep in snow, so James takes to using skis on his rounds. Helen is bedridden with a slipped disc. Tristan has left his job at the Ministry of Agriculture and wants to join the practice. Calum has to go off to do some tuberculin testing in Ireland.

2: Place Of Honour (10 Sep 88)

Mrs Pumphrey holds a birthday party for Tricki Woo, with James as the guest of honour.

3: Choose A Bright Morning (17 Sep 88)

Calum returns from Ireland. Siegfried tells Tristan that he'll have to do the next round of tuberculin testing in Ireland.

4: The Playing Field (24 Sep 88)

Helen is still laid up with a slipped disc. James' friend Andrew Bruce comes to stay. James has to deal with Jack Scott's horse and Mr Wiggin's bullocks.

5: When Dreams Come True (1 Oct 88)

Helen is on her feet again. James finds a new house and has a meeting with his bank manager. Siegfried is thinking of changing his drugs rep, until the current one helps to cure a nasty case of white scour.

6: A New Chapter (8 Oct 88)

James attends a Northern Veterinary Society lecture with Granville Bennett. They arrive late but Granville isn't too bothered. Apparently he only attends for the post-lecture food and drink. James ends up very much the worse for wear, as usual.

While James is away, his dog has a stroke and subsequently dies. Calum tells Helen about some border terrier pups for sale and she decides to buy one. James and Helen move into their new house.

7: A Present From Dublin (15 Oct 88)

Calum hires a beautiful girl named Molly to be his housekeeper. Diedre pays a surprise visit and gets the wrong idea. All is resoved satisfactorily in the end. Siegfried gives Calum another lecture on economy.

8: The Salt Of The Earth (22 Oct 88)

Calum cooks a meal for James and Siegfried, but it takes so long to prepare that his guests have drunk too much and passed out before it's ready. James encounters a dog that faints to gain attention.

9: Cheques And Balances (29 Oct 88)

Siegfried is determined to get payment of outstanding bills from the local farmers. James is given the virtually impossible task of getting payment from Mr Biggins.

10: Female Of The Species (5 Nov 88)

An old friend asks Siegfried to show his daughter Emma, a veterinary student, what a country practice is like. Calum takes a fancy to Emma. After experiencing the resistance of local farmers to female vets, and realising that Calum is getting too keen on her, Emma decides to return home.

11: The Jackpot (12 Nov 88)

Calum mistakenly thinks he has a rival for Diedre's affections. James talks Siegfried into lending him his car for a few days. Siegfried tells him to take good care of it, then James uses it to help pull a tractor out of a ditch and writes off the clutch. James can't afford to have it repaired. Then he has a lucky win at the races.

12: Two Of A Kind (19 Nov 88)

An old man's cat suddenly starts collapsing into unconsciousness. James discovers that the cat has been drinking the liquid painkiller which the old man takes to relieve the pain caused by his cancer. Calum proposes to Deidre. Seigfried treats a dog for a weak heart and gets a reputation as a TV repairman.