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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Horse Sense (8 Jan 78)

James Herriot, newly-qualified vet, arrives at Skeldale House for a job interview. It's the mid-thirties and work is hard to come by. That's one of the reasons why James has come all the way to the Yorkshire town of Darrowby looking for his first appointment.

Siegfried Farnon has forgotten all about the interview, so James has a long wait before he meets his prospective employer.

At the end of the day, James gets the job.

2: Dog Days (15 Jan 78)

James has his first encounter with Mrs Pumphrey and her pampered pet dog, Tricki Woo.

3: It Takes All Kinds (22 Jan 78)

Siegfried decides to employ a secretary. The result isn't quite what he intended. James meets Helen Alderson for the first time.

4: Calf Love (29 Jan 78)

Tristan Farnon has trouble with pigs. James discovers that he has a rival for Helen's affections.

5: Out Of Practice (5 Feb 78)

James doesn't seem to be getting anywhere in his pursuit of Helen Alderson. Tristan suggests that James tries seeing a different girl. He arranges a double date, with disastrous results.

6: Nothing Like Experience (12 Feb 78)

James finally manages to make a date with Helen. Tristan has problems with a difficult customer.

7: Golden Lads And Girls (19 Feb 78)

James is finally beginning to make real progress with Helen. The Dalby family have a run of bad luck.

8: Advice And Consent (26 Feb 78)

Siegfried gives James some good advice.

9: The Last Furlong (5 Mar 78)

James discovers that some farmers prefer to use their own remedies when animals are sick.

10: Sleeping Partners (12 Mar 78)

James and Helen are on a working honeymoon, carrying out tuberculin testing. Siegfried decides that it's time Tristan did some serious work for his examinations.

11: Bulldog Breed (19 Mar 78)

A local smallholder has spent all of his savings on new stock. When the animals become seriously ill, the vets have their work cut out trying to save the day.

12: Practice Makes Perfect (7 Apr 78)

Tristan has failed his exams again, so Siegfried is far from happy with him. James is let in on a secret.

13: Breath Of Life (14 Apr 78)

Dealing with a very sick animal, James administers a large dose of anaesthetic. He expects the animal to quietly pass away, but is amazed to find that it makes a complete recovery.

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