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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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You Rang, M'Lord? (29 Dec 88)

Alf Stokes and James Twelvetrees are soldiers on the Western Front during the First World War. They come across an injured officer, the Honourable Teddy Meldrum. Thinking that he's dead, Alf relieves him of his belongings. Then James realises that the Honorable Teddy is still alive, so he forces Alf to help him to carry the injured man to safety.

Ten years later, James is working for Teddy's brother, Lord Meldrum. Alf arrives at the house, looking for work. Against James' wishes, Alf is appointed as Butler to his Lordship. Alf then arranges a job for Ivy, not revealing that she's his daughter.

1: The Phantom Sign Writer (14 Jan 90)

Lord Meldrum has problems when Sir Ralph suspects that his wife, Lady Agatha, is having an affair. Someone paints "FORNICATOR" on the side of Lord Meldrum's car. The car is needed to transport the Bishop.

2: A Deed Of Gift (21 Jan 90)

Lady Lavender instructs her solicitor to sign her Union Jack Rubber Company shares over to Ivy. Miss Poppy seems to have designs on James Twelvetrees.

3: Love And Money (28 Jan 90)

Lord Meldrum tries to get Lady Lavender declared mentally incompetent. The Honorable Teddy is determined to get into Ivy's bedroom. Preparations are made for Miss Cissy's birthday party.

4: Fair Shares (4 Feb 90)

Lady Lavender now plans to give her shares to Alf Sokes. Ivy is in trouble when it's discovered that she was responsible for Sir Ralph finding out about his wife's affair with Lord Meldrum.

5: Beg Borrow Or Steal (11 Feb 90)

A local pawnbroker tries to blackmail Alf into helping him to burgle the Meldrum's house. Cissy and Poppy plan a poetry evening. Alf and Ivy's relationship becomes known among the staff.

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