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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Man Overboard (3 Dec 87)

Dudley, the Employment Secretary, suggests moving Army units to the North of England in order to reduce unemployment there. Jim backs the plan because it will increase the Government's popularity. The military are opposed, however, because senior soldiers don't want to move away from London. Sir Humphrey manages to convince Jim that Dudley is plotting against him. Hacker decides to drop the plan, so Dudley resigns. Jim then decides to reinstates the plan

Also appearing:
Philip Anthony, Philip Blaine, Michael Byrne, Peter Cartwright, David Conville, Geoffrey Cousins, Hillary Field, David Glover, Frederick Treves

2: Official Secrets (10 Dec 87)

Jim Hacker's predecessor wants to publish his memoirs. Jim isn't happy about a chapter dealing with himself, so he tries to get it suppressed during a 'clearance meeting'. The chapter in question is then leaked to the press, along with the fact that Hacker tried to suppress it. Jim is angry, particularly when he realises that the material must have been leaked by someone who was at the clearance meeting. Sir Humphrey shows Bernard how to 'doctor' the minutes of the clearance meeting to hide Hacker's attempted suppression. The Press Secretary suggests giving the press something else to think about, so Hacker agrees to Sir Humphrey's request for the expulsion of seventy-six diplomats.

Also appearing:
Tom Bowles, Anthony Carrick, Sadie Hamilton, Denis Lill, James Nevill, Michael Shallack, Jeffrey Wickham

3: A Diplomatic Incident (17 Dec 87)

Jim Hacker learns that his predecessor has suddenly died, so his memoirs will not now be published.

The British and French Government's are arguing about where to put the border between their countries when the Channel Tunnel is built. The French President plans to give the Queen a puppy at the former Prime Minister's funeral. He plans to use the gift, which will be in breach of quarantine laws, to create an incident which will give the French extra leverage in the argument over the Tunnel.

Jim learns that French Police have planted a bomb in the French Embassy, in an attempt to make British security services look incompetent. He uses this to blackmail the French President into agreeing a compromise over the Channel Tunnel.

Also appearing:
Bill Bailey, Christopher Benjamin, Raymond Brody, Nicholas Courtney, Mansel David, Alan Downer, Robert East, David King, William Lawford.

4: A Conflict Of Interest (31 Dec 87)

There's trouble looming for Jim Hacker as a scandal breaks in the City. He and Sir Humphrey disagree over the appointment of a new governor for the Bank of England

Also appearing:
Peter Cellier, Miranda Forbes, Louis Mahoney, Deborah Norton, Richard Vernon

5: Power To The People (7 Jan 88)

Jim Hacker is preparing for an interview about local government. Sir Humphrey introduces him to Agnus Moorhouse, a local councillor with strong ideas about the reform of local government. Jim likes her ideas and decides to implement them. Sir Humphrey is strongly opposed to the proposed reforms, thinking that they will weaken the civil service. He convinces Jim Hacker that implementing them will make backbench MPs a lot more independent, so Jim decides to drop the idea.

Also appearing:
Jonathan Adams, Miranda Forbes, Deborah Norton, Gwen Taylor

6: A Patron Of The Arts (14 Jan 88)

Jim Hacker is about to give a speech at an arts event. He's worried because his government has just announced funding for the arts at a level below that which was expected. Sir Humphrey gives information about future government spending to his friend Simon Monk, who manages the National Theatre. Hacker, learning that Monk plans to use the information in his speech, threatens to sell the National Theatre Building on the South Bank. Monk suddenly decides to change the content of his speech.

Also appearing:
Geoffrey Beevers, John Bird, Anthony Carrick, Martin Milman, Deborah Norton, David Rose, Myfanwy Talog

7: The National Education Service (21 Jan 88)

Jim Hacker wants to abolish the Department of Education and Science, arguing that reduced bureaucracy will increase the amount of money available to schools. Sir Humphrey is appalled at the idea. Hacker visits a local school and is presented with a gift, which he later learns is stolen property. The Departmant of Education and Science have to decide whether or not to prosecute. Sir Humphrey points out that, if Jim insisits on going ahead with his plans to abolish them, the DES will alomost certainly prosecute, causing him embarrassment. He decides to drop his plans for abolition.

Also appearing:
Peter Cartwright, Deborah Norton, Jerome Willis

8: The Tangled Web (28 Jan 88)

While answering a question in Parliament, Jim Hacker denies that his governemt have been involved in the bugging of MP's telephone calls. Later, Sir Humphrey tells Jim that government officials have, in fact, been involved in bugging. He thinks he has a duty to report the matter. Before he gets a chance to do so, however, he makes some unguarded remarks about unemployment after an interview at the BBC. Hacker is sent a tape of the conversation in question. He uses it to blackmail Sir Humphrey into confirming his statement about bugging

Also appearing:
Geoffrey Drew, Ludovic Kennedy