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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Grand Design (9 Jan 86)

Jim is horrified when he learns how weak Britain's defences are. He decides to cancel the order for Trident missiles from the USA. Under pressure to come up with an alternative, he announces a plan to reintroduce conscription. He's opposed by the Civil Service and the military.

2: The Ministerial Broadcast (16 Jan 86)

Jim is preparing for his first TV broadcast as Prime Minister. He wants to concentrate on his 'Grand Design' for defence. Sir Humphrey teaches Bernard how to design a survey which gives whatever result you want it to give. As a result, Jim is convinced that public opinion is against the idea of conscription. He decides to change his speech.

Also appearing:
Brian Gwaspari, Carolyn Lister, Barry Stanton, John Wells

3: The Smoke Screen (23 Jan 86)

Dr Peter Thorne, the Minister of Health, has written a report condemning smoking. Jim Hacker announces that he agrees with his ideas and plans to deter people from smoking by raising taxes. In reality, he's only trying to frighten the Treasury into supporting his proposed tax cuts. Eventually, the tax cuts go through. Hacker drops the anti-smoking campaign and promotes Peter Thorne to Chancellor of the Exchequor.

Also appearing:
ohn Barron, Peter Cellier, Brian Hawksley, Clive Merrison, Bill Wallace

4: The Key (30 Jan 86)

Jim Hacker is talked into restricting Sir Humphrey's access to Number 10. Sir Humphrey is very unhappy, particularly when his key to Number 10 is taken off him. Eventually, Jim relents and returns the key on condition that Sir Humphrey only comes into Number 10 when he's sent for.

Also appearing:
Peter Cellier, Deborah Norton, Victor Winding

5: A Real Partnership (6 Feb 86)

Jim Hacker isn't happy with the idea of giving backbench MPs a pay rise. At the same time, the Civil Service is pushing for an even bigger increase in pay. Jim is manoeuvred into agreeing to both sets of pay rises.

Also appearing:
Peter Cellier, John Nettleton, Deborah Norton

6: A Victory For Democracy (13 Feb 86)

The communists are trying to sieze power on St. Georges Island, a remote Commonwealth country in the Indian Ocean. Jim is worried that the Americans will invade the island if Britain does nothing to prevent a coup. In spite of opposition from the Civil Service, Jim sends British troops to the island to defeat the communist rebels.

Also appearing:
David De Keyser, Clive Francis, Ronald Hines, Donald Pickering

7: The Bishop's Gambit (20 Feb 86)

A British nurse has been sent to prison in Qumran for possessing alcohol. Hacker feels that he should do something, but the Civil Service advise against taking any action. Meanwhile, Jim has to appoint a new Bishop of Bury St Edmond. Sir Humphrey suggests an old friend of his, the Dean of Bailey, but Jim isn't convinced of his suitability. Sir Humphrey arranges for the Dean to go to Qumran, where he manages to arrange the nurse's release. Jim appoints the Dean as Bishop of Bury St Edmonds.

Also appearing:
William Fox, Frank Middlemass, Donald Pickering, Ronnie Stevens

8: One Of Us (27 Feb 86)

Jim is worried about his declining popularity among the general public. Sir Humphrey has problems with a public inquiry when it's revealed that he cleared a confessed Soviet spy many years earlier. Jim is talked into ordering the Army to help with the rescue of a dog trapped on a firing range on Salisbury Plain. The rescue, which costs 130,000 pounds, helps to improve Jim's standing with the public. It also makes it more difficult for him to push through proposed defence cuts.

Also appearing:
Michael Aldridge, Miranda Forbes, Martin Mancaster, John Normington

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