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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Open Government (25 Feb 80)

Jim Hacker's party has just won a General Election. Jim waits by the telephone, hoping for a summons from the new Prime Minister. Eventually, he learns that he has been appointed the Minister for Administrative Affairs. He meets his Principal Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby, and quickly begins to wonder who's actually in charge of his ministry.

Also appearing:
Neil Fitzwilliam, Edward Jewesbury, Fraser Kerr, Norman Mitchell, David Moran

2: The Official Visit (3 Mar 80)

The leader of an African nation is about to make an official visit to Britain. Suddenly, he's overthrown in a coup. His successor turns out to be someone Jim Hacker knew at the London School of Economics. Jim does his best to talk his guest into buying the offshore drilling equipment he's looking for from Britain

Also appearing:
Thomas Baptiste, Anthony Carrick, Robert Dougall, Tenniel Evans, John Savident

3: The Economy Drive (10 Mar 80)

Jim tries to introduce cost-cutting measures. Sir Humphrey doesn't approve, so he does his best to manouevre Jim into cancelling the planned economies.

Also appearing:
Neil Fitzwilliam, Pat Keen, William Lawford, John Savident, Patricia Shakesby, Norman Tipton, Frank Tregear

4: Big Brother (17 Mar 80)

Jim tries to have privacy safeguards implemented for the new national computer database. He meets resistance from Sir Humphrey.

Also appearing:
Frederick Jaeger, Robert McKenzie, Robert Urquhart

5: Writing On The Wall (24 Mar 80)

The Prime Minister gives his backing to Jim's latest cost-cutting exercise, so it looks as if Sir Humphrey will be forced to cooperate for a change.

Also appearing:
Tenniel Evans, Neil Fitzwilliam, Daniel Moynihan, John Savident

6: The Right To Know (31 Mar 80)

Jim supports the removal of protected status from a badger habitat. He learns that his daughter will be a leading figure in the group planning to oppose his plans. Meanwhile, Jim tries to prevent Sir Humphrey from keeping information from him.

Also appearing:
Gerry Cowper, Roger Elliott, Harriet Reynolds, John Savident

7: Jobs For The Boys (7 Apr 80)

Jim is supporting a government project which looks like being cancelled because of financial problems. The only way for Jim to 'save face' seems to be to make a union leader an offer he can't refuse.

Also appearing:
John D. Collins, Arthur Cox, Richard Davies, Neil Fitzwilliam, Brian Hawksley, Charles McKeown, Richard Vernon

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