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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Absent Friends (1 Jan 74)

Bob and Thelma fly off to Norway for a ski-ing honeymoon. Things are going well until Bob reveals that he left a key to their house with Terry.

Meanwhile, back at home, Terry can't find the key so he tries to ring Bob but can't get hold of him. The key turns up in a goldfish bowl, so Terry tries to ring Bob again. He still can't get through, so he leaves a message telling Bob not to worry.

Terry persuades Susan to go back to Bob and Thelma's house. While they're there, Bob rings up because he was worried when he got the message telling him not to worry.

Thelma has locked herself in the bathroom and won't speak to Bob. Terry explains about the key and says that he's at the house with Susan and everything is fine. Thelma comes out of the bathroom but storms off again when Bob tells her that Terry is at their house with Susan.

Also appearing:
Anita Carey (Susan Chambers), Bill Owen (George Chambers), Terry Scully (Chauffeur), Constantin De Goguel (Hotel Porter)

2: Heart To Heart (8 Jan 74)

Bob's back from his honeymoon. He meets Terry for a drink and drives Terry mad going on about how all the women fancy him now that he's married.

Terry leaves early, saying that he's "meeting someone". Bob wants to know who it is. Terry tells him that it's Thelma's sister Susan.

Bob returns home and tells Thelma that Terry is seeing her sister. Thelma is horrified.

Later that night, Terry comes round for a 'heart to heart' chat with Bob. Terry thinks things might be getting serious between him and Susan. He's "in a turmoil" about the situation.

Susan is supposed to return to Canada a few days later. She tells Terry that she plans to go back to her fiance. Terry is relieved that their relationship didn't develop into anything serious.

Also appearing:
Anita Carey (Susan Chambers), Noel Dyson (Mrs Chambers), Norman Mitchell (Jack), Lorna Wilde (Gloria)

3: The Ant And The Grasshopper (15 Jan 74)

Bob's under pressure, what with having so much on at work, night school and so on.

Meanwhile, Terry is living the life of Riley, sleeping until noon, spending his afternoons in the pub, snooker hall and betting shop, going out on the town at night.

Also appearing:
Jacquie-Ann Carr (Brenda), Julian Holloway (Alan), Elizabeth Lax (Wendy), Vicki Michelle (Madelyn), Lorna Wilde (Gloria)

4: One For The Road (22 Jan 74)

Bob takes Thelma out for a meal and drinks too much wine. Driving home, he gets stopped by the police and is breathalysed. He's taken to the police station and finds himself locked up with Terry, who's been arrested for fighting after a football match.

Bob's very worried about losing his driving licence.

When the police doctor arrives to take a blood test, Terry pretends to be Bob and gives blood instead.

Next day, Bob discovers that Terry had been drinking heavily before he was arrested.

Also appearing:
Robert Gillespie (1st Police Sergeant), James Mellor (Police Constable), Leonard Maguire (Doctor McKae), Michael Beint (2nd Police Sergeant), Norman Mitchell (Barman), Gertan Klauber (Waiter), Phil McCall (Glaswegian), Doorman (Brian Vaughan)

5: The Great Race (5 Feb 74)

When they were kids, Bob and Terry used to race one another across country on their bicycles. Now, each of them is convinced that he can still beat the other.

They decide to have a race to decide who's right. They both end up cheating, of course!

Also appearing:
Bert Palmer (Station Master), Roy Pattison (Lorry Driver), Lorna Wilde (Gloria), Patti Dalton (Barmaid), Roger Bourne (Picnicker), Sean Flanagan (Boy), Clive Waewick (Boy)

6: Some Day We'll Laugh About This (19 Feb 74)

Terry's in the doghouse after his mother comes home unexpectedly and catches him in a compromising position with a girlfriend. He decides that he needs somewhere more 'private' to carry on with his love life.

Bob and Thelma are off for a ski-ing weekend in Scotland. Terry talks Bob into letting him stay at their house while they're away. He promises to do all of the 'odd jobs' which Bob hasn't been able to get round to. Bob agrees, on condition that Thelma doesn't get to hear about the arrangement.

All goes according to plan until Thelma's mother comes round unexpectedly and catches Terry and his girlfriend 'in the act'. Thelma gets a phone call from her mother, who tells her about Terry's activities.

Next day, Terry is busy fitting a new light fitting when Sandra, a young woman from over the road, rings the doorbell. She asks Terry to help her to free a stuck bathtap. Terry goes over to help and is almost seduced.

Unfortunately, he's left the tap running and the water from the bath comes through the ceiling.

While Terry is 'busy', Bob and Thelma arrive home and Bob takes their cases upstairs. Terry has taken the floorboards up in the bedroom to wire up the new light fitting. Bob puts his foot through the ceiling and damages his leg. Downstairs, the new light fitting falls on Thelma's head, causing concussion.

Terry arrives back just as Bob and Thelma are returning from the hospital. They go into the house and Terry tries to apologise for the 'accidents' that he's caused. Then the doorbell rings and Bob goes to answer the door. It's Sandra's husband. He punches Bob in the face, thinking that he's the one who ruined his ceiling and nearly 'seduced' his wife.

Also appearing:
Olive Milbourne (Mrs Collier), Helen Cotterill (Sandra Upton), Anthony Haygarth (Les The Milkman)

7: In Harms Way (26 Feb 74)

Bob is once again limping around with his leg in plaster. He's also got a black eye after being punched by Sandra's husband.

Bob takes Terry to task about the fact that he still doesn't have a job and is always borrowing money. Later that day, Terry is told that his unemployment benefit is going to be stopped. Faced with the prospect of having no income at all, Terry takes a job as a hospital porter.

Bob turns up at the hospital and Terry is given the job of taking him up to the X-Ray Department. Not wanting Bob to know that he's taken a porter's job, Terry wears a mask. He causes total mayhem and Bob ends up in a hospital bed with his leg in a sling.

Also appearing:
Elizabeth Lax (Wendy), Claire Nielson (Miss Dixon), Pamela Duncan (Sister Kennedy), Alan Hockey (Vic), Louis Mahoney (Frank), Hilda Barry (Old Lady), James Garbutt (Workman)

8: Affairs And Relations (5 Mar 74)

Bob and Terry go off into the country for a quiet weekend's fishing. Bob feels guilty about leaving Thelma at home on her own.

Things begin to get complicated when Thelma's dad turns up at the hotel with his 'secretary'. Then Thelma appears, so everyone pretends that Thelma's dad's 'friend' is with Terry. Thelma begins to suspect that it's Bob who's 'playing around'.

Also appearing:
Bill Owen (George Chambers), Carole Ann Ford (Valerie), Ann Hamilton (Beryl Atkins

9: The Expert (12 Mar 74)

After the big row Thelma had with Bob, she leaves him and goes to stay with her mother.

Bob is very upset about Thelma leaving. Terry suggests playing it cool and giving her time to cool down and return home. This approach doesn't suit Bob, so Terry suggests 'direct action'. He tells Bob to put his foot down with Thelma when she returns to the house to collect her things.

Bob hears someone in the bedroom. Thinking that it must be Thelma, he locks the door. It turns out to be the cleaning lady.

Later, Thelma gets her own back by locking Bob in the bedroom.

Also appearing:
Juliet Ackroyd (Anthea), Bay White (Mrs Greenlands), Rose Power (Neighbour)

10: Between Ourselves (19 Mar 74)

Thelma is still staying at her mother's house. Terry moves in with Bob to 'look after' him.

Bob worries that the neighbours might get the wrong idea. He doesn't want anyone to know that Thelma has left him. He can rely on Terry not to let people know - can't he?

Bob writes a letter to Thelma and gets Terry deliver it to her. She tears it up.

Also appearing:
Juliet Aykroyd (Anthea), Elizabeth Day (Vivienne), Anthony Haygarth (Les The Milkman), Elizabeth Lax (Wendy), Nova Llewellyn (Moira)

11: The Go-Between (26 Mar 74)

Bob is getting very depressed and is missing Thelma. He's also becoming very annoyed at the mess Terry is making of the house. When he accuses Terry of frittering away the housekeeping, Terry says he's leaving and storms off.

Terry visits Thelma and talks her into going back to Bob. When they get back to the house, they find Bob with his head in the oven. It turns out that he's been cleaning up the mess Terry has made in the kitchen.

12: Conduct Unbecoming (2 Apr 74)

Terry gets into a fight with local hard man Dougie Scaife and ends up in court.

After the court case, Terry still feels that there are things to be settled between himself and Scaife.

Bob tries to play the role of peacemaker, with unfortunate results.

Also appearing:
James Cossins (Magistrate), Alun Armstrong (Scaife), Juliet Ackroyd (Anthea)

13: The Shape Of Things To Come (9 Apr 74)

Bob feels that Terry is leading him astray, making him drink and eat too much and keeping him out too late of an evening.

When Terry's Great Uncle Jacob dies, Bob and Terry are invited to his funeral.

At the funeral tea, Great Uncle Jacob's best friend, Joe Hargreaves, chats to Bob and tells him that Jacob ruined his marriage and his life by leading him away from the straight and narrow.

Bob realises that Terry is like Jacob, while he himself is another Joe Hargreaves. He decides that he has to 'make a stand' with Terry so that he doesn't end up repeating Joe's mistakes.

Also appearing:
Olive Milbourne (Mrs Collier), Jack Woolgar (Joe Hargreaves), Eve Pearce (Mrs Hope), Rosalind Bailey (Nurse), Olive Mercer (Aunt Rose), Helena McCarthy (Aunt Kitty)

Christmas Crackers (24 Dec 74)

Terry passes his driving test and finds a job driving a fork-lift truck. He also spends his evenings driving a minicab.

Bob and Thelma are off to a fancy dress party on Christmas Eve. Their taxi driver turns out to be Terry.

At the party, Bob gets drunk and goes off with one of his old girlfriends. Thelma gets annoyed and asks Terry to drive her home. The trouble is, Bob has driven off in Terry's minicab.

Also appearing:
Lilian Verner (Sylvia Braithwaite), Joanna Ross (Andrea), John Crocker (Police Constable), Norman Mitchell (Jack), John White (Man In Pub), Betty Bowden (Woman In Pub)

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