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Terry Collier (James Bolam) and Bob Ferris (Rodney Bewes) first appeared in the hit 1960s comedy, The Likely Lads. At the end of that programme, Terry went off to join the Army.

In this follow-up series, Terry arrives home after demob to find that Bob is about to marry Thelma Chambers (Brigit Forsyth).

The first series deals with the weeks leading up to the wedding.

The second series is mainly concerned with the early days of Bob and Thelma's marriage and all of the problems caused (mainly) by Terry.

The theme tune ("What Happened To You?") was co-written by Ian La Frenais and Mike Hugg (ex-Manfred Mann). The latter had a minor hit in the UK in 1974 when he released a recording of it with a pop group called "The Highly Likely".

Series: 2
Episodes: 27
Transmitted: 1973-1974
Channel: BBC1

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