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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Counselling For The Dying (5 Sep 91)

After one of the residents dies alone, Jane tries to persuade everyone to take more care of each other. Tom takes her ssuggestion to heart and volunteers to provide counselling services for the dying.

Basil has had an afternoon of passion with a new lady resident and seems to be on the verge of dying, Tom rushes round to see him, accompanied by Diana. It turns out that Basil is just worn out from his sexual antics.

Shortly afterwards, Basil's friend dies in her sleep, so Tom organises a mass funeral, complete with a steel band.

Also appearing:
Chico Andrade (Antonio), Angela Bruce (Judy), John Crocker (Vicar)

2: The Partition (12 Sep 91)

Tom's refusing to get out of bed, saying "there doessn't seem much point". He's feeling lonely and is missing his late wife. Harvey sends for Geoffrey and Marion, suggesting that they take Tom home for a while. Marion, horrified at the idea, says that Tom just needs to get involved with someone new.

Jane gets Diana to show Daisy Williams, a new resident, around Bayview. Daisy doesn't take to Diana, saying that she's rude and ill-bred.

Tom suggests to Diana that they should "shack up" together. Diana's response is to have a partition built between their flatlets.

Also appearing:
Chico Andrade (Antonio), Jane Downs (Daisy Williams)

3: Daisy Takes Charge (19 Sep 91)

Tom and Diana are still separated by a partition. Diana refuses to have it removed until Tom apologises for asking her to "shack up" with him.

Daisy Williams seems to have completely taken over at Bayview. When she reorganises the dining room, Diana takes exception to the fact that her table has been moved from its usual place.

Daisy plans to contact the board and ask them to get rid of Harvey and Jane. When Harvey finds out, he tries to talk Diana into helping him to get rid of Daisy.

Basil gives Tom some advice, as a result of which Tom organises a revolt against Daisy's "new order" and restores the status quo. Daisy leaves Bayview and Diana has the partition taken down.

Also appearing:
Jane Downs (Daisy Williams), Patricia Leslie (Betty)

4: The Thief (26 Sep 91)

Betty, one of the Bayview residents, complains that her sewing basket, containing all of her jewellery, has been stolen. Tom and Diana decide to investigate.

Diana has her doubts about Betty, so she and Tom follow her when she goes out shopping. They see her shoplifting. Tom tries to stop her but ends up being arrested himself. He's taken to court, where he decides to conduct his own defence. He's found not guilty of shoplifting but is fined 50 pounds for contempt of court.

Diana reveals that she had borrowed Betty's sewing basket, then forgot about it.

Also appearing:
Dean Lepley (Ben Fraser), Patricia Leslie (Betty)

5: Tell The Truth (3 Oct 91)

Tom thinks everyone should be completely honest at all times. Diana disagrees, saying that lies and deceit are an essential part of everyday life. Tom says that he intends to tell the truth about everything in future. Diana's niece Sarah writes to say that she's getting married. She intends to bring her fiance to Bayview to meet Diana.

Tom tells Jane that she stands no chance with Harvey, since he's only interested in 'beauty queens'. Later, Jane appears in the dining room, made up as her idea of a 'beauty queen'. Harvey tells her she looks hideous. Tom tells Geoffrey and Marion exactly what he thinks of them. Marion tells Tom that she wishes he was dead.

Sarah and her fiance, Sam, pay a visit. Sam has an idea about setting up beauty parlour franchises. He tries to persude Diana to get involved, asking her to invest 5000 pounds. Diana comes to the conclusion that he's a conman. Several days later, Tom goes to see Sam and blackmails him into giving Marion one of his franchises free of charge.

Jane announces that she intends to leave Bayview forever. Harvey tricks her into staying.

Also appearing:
Lucy Aston (Sarah Snow), Christopher Bowen (Sam Parry)

6: The Hip Operation (10 Oct 91)

Diana has a fall, breaks her hip and is taken off to hospital. She has to have a hip replacement operation. Sarah comes to visit her aunt and asks her advice about marriage to Sam.

Marion isn't making a success of her Beauty Parlour. It's losing money, mainly because Sam is taking a percentage of the take. Tom suggests that Geoffrey and Marion give up and let the franchise go back to Sam.

The day of Sarah and Sam's wedding arrives. Diana turns up using a zimmer frame.

Also appearing:
Lucy Aston (Sarah Snow), Christopher Bowen (Sam Parry), Michael Hughes (David Davis)

7: Glamorous Grannies (17 Oct 91)

Tom bets Diana that she can't be nice to everyone for a week. Jane comes in and is surprised when Diana seems pleased to see her. Jane says that Harvey wants Diana to enter a "Glamorous Grandmother" competition. First prize is a cruise for two.

Basil is trying to pluck up enough courage to ask Betty to marry him. Diana tries to be nice to them and succeeds in upsetting Basil.

Harvey tries to talk Diana into entering the "Glamorous Grandmother" competition. Diana suggests that Betty should enter instead.

Geoffrey works for the firm that sponsors the competition, so Tom tries to talk him into 'fixing' the competition so that Betty wins. Geoffrey refuses, so they go to see his boss. Tom suggests that, if the competition is 'fixed' so that Betty gets through to the final round, the competition can be held at Bayview.

Betty gets cold feet and refuses to take part in the competition, so Diana takes her place and gives the sponsors a dressing down. She also makes sure that a journalist friend is present at the competition. She agrees to dissuade her friend from submitting his story on condition that the cruise goes to Basil and Betty.

Also appearing:
John Halstead (MC), Patricia Leslie (Betty), David McKail (Billigh)

8: Foreign Workers (24 Oct 91)

Harvey tries to reduce running costs by employing a number of foreign immigrants at ridiculously low wages.

9: Young People (31 Oct 91)

A group of young people visits Bayview. Harvey tries once again to have Diana thrown out of the home.

10: The Boring Son (7 Nov 91)

Tom's son Geoffrey leaves his drunken, semi-nymphomaniac wife and moves in with Tom. He quickly begins to bore everyone rigid, so Diana takes steps to get rid of him.