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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Welcome To Bayview (28 Jun 90)

Tom Ballard arrives at Bayview Retirement Home and meets Diana Trent. She decides he's a "fruitcake" and wants nothing to do with him. Later, in the dining room, Tom protests about the poor food and threatens to go on hunger strike until the catering improves. His campaign meets with some success and he wins Diana's grudging admiration.

Also appearing:
Hilda Campbell-Russell (Mrs Stephens), Ross Thomson (Davey)

2: A Trip To Brighton (5 Jul 90)

Diana's neice has left her Porsche for Diana to look after while she's on holiday. Diana takes Tom for a drive to Brighton. Harvey notifies the police and Tom and Diana are stopped and brought back to Bayview. Tom convines the policeman that he and Diana have done nothing wrong. The policeman threatens to arrest Harvey for "wasting police time".

Also appearing:
Shawn Prendergast (Policeman)

3: Cheering Up Tom (12 Jul 90)

Tom is rushed to hospital where it's discovered that he has a minor heart problem. Tom returns to Bayview in a very depressed state. Diana talks him out of committing suicide by threatening to join him.

Also appearing:
Chris Breeze (Old Man), Julie McDonald (Nurse), Ben Onwukwe (Doctor)

4: The Christening (19 Jul 90)

Tom invites Diana to the christening of his grand-nephew. She doesn't want to go but later changes her mind. Harvey tries to get rid of Diana when he discovers that she has a medical condition which she didn't mention on her application form. Tom tries to blackmail Harvey with a 'doctored' naughty photograph. Diana blackmails the Board members into letting her stay on at Bayview.

Also appearing:
Leigh Samuels (Sally)

5: Fraulein Mueller (26 Jul 90)

A new matron arrives at Bayview - a stern German woman named Greta Mueller. She rings Diana's niece and tells her where Diana has hidden her Porche. Harvey sacks Jane. Tom cons Harvey into making him president of the Residents' Association. Harvey thinks Tom is organising a petition to get rid of Diana. The petition actually calls for Greta Mueller to be dismissed. Harvey is forced to get rid of her.

Also appearing:
Richenda Carey (Greta Mueller)

6: The Psychiatrist (2 Aug 90)

Harvey tries to have Tom and Diana certified so that he can get rid of them. The plan backfires when the psychiatrist declares them both perfectly sane (if a little eccentric).

Also appearing:
Lucy Aston (Sarah Snow), Brian Gwaspari (Dr Darrow)

7: Blackmail (9 Aug 90)

Diana takes a trip in a helicopter so that she can relive her past as a photo-journalist. She 'persuades' Tom to accompany her.

Diana takes aerial photographs of country houses and plans to sell the results to the owners. One of the photographs provides the means for Tom and Diana to use a spot of blackmail to stop the building of a 'spare parts' factory near Bayview.

Also Appearing:
Paul Chapman (Ferguson)

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