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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Hell (8 Mar 96)

Ted, Dougal and Jack are on holiday at the Kilkelly Caravan Park. They look forward to visiting "The Magic Road" and "St Kevin's Stump". Then Father Jack disappears, a group of exciteable youths cause problems and Ted gets in trouble with the police.

2: Think Fast, Father Ted (15 Mar 96)

The roof of the Parochial House is leaking and Ted needs to come up with a scheme to raise money for repairs. He raffles a car, but an accident makes it unsuitable as a prize. Ted, Dougal and Jack "borrow" another car from Father Liam Finnegan. Ted has to devise a plan to return it to its rightful owner after the raffle.

3: Tentacles Of Doom (22 Mar 96)

Carggy Island's most popular religious relic, the Holy Stone of Clonrichert, is to be upgraded to a "Class II" relic. Three bishops have to visit the island for the ceremony. Ted has to ensure that Father Dougal doesn't spoil the celebrations.

4: Old Grey Whistle Theft (29 Mar 96)

The park warden's whistle is stolen and law and order begins to break down on Craggy Island. The police begin to suspect that a rebellious young priest may be responsible for the trouble.

5: Song For Europe (5 Apr 96)

Father Ted wants to enter the 1996 "Eurosong Contest". He and Dougal write new words for a Norwegian song and try to pass it off as their own work. Can "My Lovely Horse" win for them?

6: The Plague (12 Apr 96)

Father Jack has, apparently, been sleepwalking in the nude. Bishop Brennan arrives on Craggy Island to investigate. The bishop has an intense fear of rabbits. Unfortunately, Father Dougal has managed to fill the Parochial House with the creatures.

7: Rock-a-Hula Ted (19 Apr 96)

Father Ted has been chosen to judge the annual "Lovely Girls" competition. This brings trouble with a visiting feminist protest singer. Father Dougal manages to give the Parochial House away. Father Jack is modelling himself on Bob Geldorf.

8: Cigarettes And Alcohol And Rollerblading (26 Apr 96)

It's Lent and Father Ted has decided to give up smoking. Father Dougal has given up rollerblading and Father Jack has been forced, against his will, to give up the drink. Their sacrifices prove to be diffcult to cope with, so Ted calls in Sister Assumpta to supervise their self-sacrifice. She proves to be an out-and-out sadist.

9: New Jack City (3 May 96)

Father Jack is sent off to the St Clavorts Old Folks Home to recuperate from an attack of "hairy hand syndrome". His replacement, Father Fintan Stock, proves to be hard to live with. Ted and Dougal decide that they prefer living with Father Jack, so they come up with a plan to break him out of the old folks home.

10: Flight Into Terror (10 May 96)

Ted, Dougal and Jack have been visiting a holy shrine. Flying back home in a plane full of priests, the trio find themselves in mortal danger when Father Fay goes beserk in the cockpit. There are only two parachutes, both of which are used by Father Jack. Can Father Ted save the day?

A Christmassy Ted (24 Dec 96)

Ted and Dougal are looking forward to a peaceful time over Christmas. Then they go on a shopping trip with a group of other priests and everyone gets hopelessly lost in the lingerie department of a large store. Father Ted leads them all to safety and is subsequently given the "Golden Cleric Award". A mysterious priest at the award ceremony seems to want something from Father Ted ...