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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Good Luck, Father Ted (21 Apr 95)

A film crew has arrived on Craggy Island to film some material for a prestigious Irish religious television programme. Father Ted is keen to appear on the programme, but his efforts to get involved are thwarted by Father Dougal, Father Jack and the worst travelling funfair in the world.

2: Entertaining Father Stone (28 Apr 95)

Father Ted gets a visit from Father Stone, the most boring priest in history, who insists on visiting Craggy Island once every year. Ted, Dougal and Jack look for divine intervention to save them from the boring cleric. They don't expect it to come in the form of a lightning strike.

3: The Passion Of St. Tibulus (5 May 95)

Bishop Brennan wants Ted, Dougal and Jack to picket a film, "The Passion of St. Tibulus", which he considers blasphemous. Unfortunately, the protest against the film's showing makes it the most popular film ever shown on Craggy Island.

4: Competition Time (12 May 95)

It's time for the annual priests' talent competition and Ted wants to appear as Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, Dougal and Jack have the same idea. It looks as if Ted will have to go as Mother Teresa yet again, unless he can come up with a plan to thwart his rivals.

5: And God Created Woman (19 May 95)

Polly Clarke, a famous erotic novelist, pays a visit to Craggy Island. Father Ted gets the (mistaken) impression that she has taken a fancy to him. A group of nuns takes action to ensure that Ted and Polly are kept apart. Ted finds himself involved in a robbery.

6: Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest (26 May 95)

It looks as if Father Jack has died suddenly from drinking too much furniture polish. A solicitor tells Father Ted that Jack has left a fortune to Ted and Dougal, provided they keep an all-night vigil over Jack's coffin. Next morning, Jack revives. Apparently he was just in a deep coma caused by the furniture polish.

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