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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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Up Pompeii! (17 Sep 69)

Lurcio learns that his master, Ludicrus is promoting a bill in the Senate which will make it possible for a slaves to buy his freedom. Lurcio is very happy about the idea, until he finds that freedom will cost 500 Drachmas. He doesn't have any money, so how can he raise some?

Also appearing:
Julia Goodman (Phyla), Ruth Harrison (Cassandra), John Junkin ('Madam'), Richard McNeff (Senator), Aubrey Woods (Captain Bilious)

1: Vestal Virgins (30 Mar 70)

The annual ceremony of the Vestal Virgins is about to be held. The compere hasn't turned up, so Ludicrus has to 'do the homours', aided by Lurcio.

Ludicrous is promoting a bill in the Senate to close down the local brothels. This brings him into conflict with the brothel keepers, who plot to ruin the Vestal Virgins ceremony.

Also appearing:
Penny Brahms (Virginia), Geoffrey Hughes (Piteous), Trisha Noble (Vestal Virgin), Janet Mahoney (Tittea), Hugh Paddick (Bingo Caller), Leon Thaw (Noxious)

2: The Ides Of March (6 Apr 70)

Ludicrus becomes involved in a plan to assassinate Julius Caesar. Ammonia gives Lurcio the job of foiling the plot. Lurcio is arrested and taken to Caesar's lieutenant, Ponderous. He's forced to impersonate Caesar in an attempt to catch the plotters.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Centurion), Robert Gillespie (Plotter), Michael Knowles (Plotter), Wendy Richard (Soppia), Nicholas Smith (Plotter), Jeremy Young (Ponderous)

3: The Senator And The Asp (13 Apr 70)

Ammonia is expecting an unwelcome visit from an old flame. She tells Lurcio to get rid of him using a poisonous asp. When a man arrives at the front door, Lurcio disposes of him, as instructed. Then Ludicrus announces that he's expecting a visit from Stovus Primus ...

Also appearing:
Derek Francis (Senator Lecherous), Valerie Leon (Daili), Norman Mitchell (Stovus Primus), James Ottaway (Scrophulus)

4: Britaniccus (20 Apr 70)

An army has to be raised to go to Britain to put down revolting natives. Lurcio is forced to go along, though he'd prefer not to.

Also appearing:
Wallas Eaton (Sergeant Jankus), Robin Hunter (Briton), Peter Nedham (Briton)

5: The Actors (27 Apr 70)

When the Olympia Theatre Company comes to town, Ammonia sends Lurcio to the theatre with a note for one of the actors, who's one of her old flames. At the same time Ludicrus wants Lurcio to deliver a note to one of the actresses.

Also appearing:
Olwen Griffiths (Hermione), Bill Maynard (Theatre Manager), Audrey Nicholson (Hernia), Douglas Ridley (Cuspidor)

6: Spartacus (4 May 70)

Spartacus is the leader of a growing revolt among the slaves of Rome. Lurcio doesn't want to get involved in anything as dangerous as a revolt, but there's no way he can prevent it from affecting him.

7: The Love Potion (11 May 70)

Lurcio is given the night off when everyone goes out. Ammonia, Ludicrus and Erotica each give him money so that he'll be out of the house for the evening. Lurcio, however, has other ideas. He's expecting a visit from new neighbour, Lusha. He uses the money to buy a love potion and looks forward to a night of pleasure. Everything goes according to plan ... until the various members of the family sneak back home, expecting the house to be empty.

Also appearing:
Lynda Baron (Ambrosia), John Cater (Castor Oilous), David Keran (Prodigious), Trisha Noble (Lusha), John Ringham (Buntus), Mollie Sugden (Flavia), Queenie Watts (Slave)

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