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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: "Community" (29 Nov 78)

Reggie decides to set up a commune for middle-class people who want to escape from the 'rat race'.

Also appearing:
Ali Baba (Indian), Brian Coburn (Man in Bank), David Hanson (Bank Clerk), Robert Hillier (Adam), Abigail Morgan (Jocasta), Leslie Rhodes (Barman), George Tovey (Man in Bank)

2: "Training" (6 Dec 78)

The neighbours object to Reggie's idea of a 'community'. He solves the problem by buying their houses.

The staff of Perrin's receive staff training. The community opens its doors to the public.

Also appearing:
Arnold Peters (Mr Penfold), Stewart Quentin-Holmes (Passer-By), James Warrior (Mr Babbacombe), Joyce Windsor (Mrs Hollies)

3: "Guests" (20 Dec 78)

Perrin's begins to take off. Reggie upsets his staff by getting too involved in the 'treatment' of the guests.

Also appearing:
Glynn Edwards (Mr Pelham), Frederick Jaeger (Bernard Trilling), Sally Lahee (Hilary Meadows), Ronald Pember (Arthur Noblet), Leslie Sands (Thruxton Appleby)

4: "Beaurocrats" (27 Dec 78)

Perrin's becomes more and more successful. Then the council tries to close it down.

Also appearing:
Frank Baker (Shy Vet), Janet Davies (Ethel Merman), David Ellison (Factory Owner), Robert Gillespie (Mr. Dent), Peter Hill (Edwards), Andrew Johns (Mr Pennell), Bunny May (Insurance Salesman), Peter Roberts (Young Man), Peter Schofield (Mr. Winstanley), Michael Segal (Mr Jenkins)

5: "Theft" (3 Jan 79)

There's an outbreak of petty theft at Perrin's.

Also appearing:
Terence Alexander (Clive 'Lofty' Anstruther), Frank Baker (Shy Vet), Vincent Bramble (Glenn Higgins), Timothy Carlton (Colin Pillock), Gordon Case (Johnson), Leslie Glazer (Merchant Banker), Hilary Tindall (Deborah Swaffham), Kenneth Watson (Superintendent)

6: "Plot" (17 Jan 79)

The staff of Perrin's try to thwart a plot to close down the commune.

Also appearing:
Leslie Adams (Driver), Jonathan Fryer (Landlord), Joan Peart (Mrs E. Blythe-Erpingham), Derry Power (Seamus Finnegan)

7: "Full Circle" (24 Jan 79)

Perrin's closes down. Reggie finds a job with Amalgamated Aerosols.

Also appearing:
Linda Cunningham (Iris Hoddle), John Quayle (Mr. Fennel), David Sparks (Rosewall), Terence Woodfield (Muscroft)

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