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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: "Odd Behaviour" (8 Sep 76)

Reginald Perrin, sales executive with Sunshine Desserts, has been put in charge of a new 'exotic ices' project. Reggie begins to show signs of stress.

Also appearing:
Roland MacLeod (Morris Coates), Ray Marioni (Waiter), Norman Mitchell (Ron Napier), Jacki Piper (Esther Pidgeon)

2: "Safari Park" (15 Sep 76)

Reggie needs a holiday, but the best his boss can offer him is an afternoon off.

That weekend, Reggie takes his wife, daughter, son-in-law and dreadful grandchildren off to visit a safari park. The trip ends in total disaster.

Also appearing:
Robert Hillier (Adam), Penny Leatherbarrow (Tea Lady), Abigail Morgan (Jocasta)

3: "Sunday With Joan" (22 Sep 76)

It's Sunday and Elizabeth has gone to visit her mother. Reggie invites his secretary, Joan, over to the house and they end up in the bedroom. Before they can consumate their passion, however, they are disturbed by the arrival of various members of Reggie's family. Joan has to beat a hasty retreat via a drainpipe.

Also appearing:
David Warwick (Mark Perrin)

4: "The Dinner Party" (29 Sep 76)

Elizabeth is away visiting her mother again. Reggie organises an 'unusual' dinner party, with his boss, C.J., as the guest of honour. The most 'unusual' aspect of the dinner party is the lack of food!

Also appearing:
Virginia Balfour (Davina Letts-Wilkinson), Tim Barrett (Mr. Campbell-Lewiston), Dorothy Frere (Mrs C.J.), Tony Simpson (Uncle Percy)

5: "The Speech" (6 Oct 76)

Reggie has to make a speech at a conference. He gets drunk and makes a complete fool of himself. Afterwards, he steals a lorryload of loganberry essence from Sunshine Desserts. He goes off to sabotage C.J.'s fishing weekend.

Also appearing:
Tenniel Evans (Elwyn Watkins), Dennis Ramsden (Dr. Hump), John Rudling (Bill)

6: "Disguises" (13 Oct 76)

Reggie has faked his suicide, leaving his clothes in a pile on the beach. He wanders around trying out a range of disuises. He learns that his wife Elizabeth is planning to get married again.

Also appearing:
Roger Brierley (Mr. Thorneycroft), Anna Cunningham (Jean Timpkins), John Forbes-Robertson (Henry Possett), Vi Kane (Neighbour), Pamela Manson (Barmaid), Hilary Mason (Mrs. Deacon), Charmian May (Miss Pershore), Hamilton McLeod (Waiter), David Millet (Landlord), Bob Sutherland (Major), Ken Wynne (Mr. Deacon)

7: "The Memorial Service" (20 Oct 76)

Reggie is now disguised as Martin Wellborn, a mythical old friend newly returned from Brazil. He visits his daughter Linda. Later, he returns home, attends his own memorial service and ends up engaged to Elizabeth. C.J. makes him head of the Reginald Perrin Memorial Foundation.

Also appearing:
John Forbes-Robertson (Henry Possett), Dorothy Frere (Mrs. C.J.), Peter MacKriel (Waiter), Charmian May (Miss Pershore), Gerald Sim (Vicar), David Warwick (Mark Perrin)

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