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 Rik Mayall as Alan B'Stard
 Michael Troughton as Piers Fletcher-Dervish
 Marsha Fitzalan as Sarah B'Stard
 Rowena Cooper as Norman/Norma Bormann (Series 1)
 Charles Gray as Roland Gidleigh-Park (Series 1)
 Vivien Heilbron as Beatrice Protheroe (Series 1)
 Stephen Nallon as Mrs Thatcher (Series 1-2)
 John Nettleton as Sir Stephen Baxter (Series 1-2)
 Nick Stringer as Bob Crippen (Series 1-2)
 Berwick Kaler as Geoff Diquead (Series 2)
 Terence Alexander as Sir Greville McDonald (Series 3-4)

Series: 4
Episodes: 28
Transmitted: 1987-1994
Channel: ITV

Yorkshire Television
BBC Television (1994 Special)

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