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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: Moving House (11 Nov 78)

The alterations which Frank has made to his rented house have made the building unsafe. It's now been condemned, so Frank and Betty have to move elsewhere.

Frank travels in the furniture van, which is following Betty as she drives to the new house. When the van moves away from traffic lights too fast, Frank and his furniture are thrown into the road. Frank ends up in a boiler full of hot tar. He has to go to the hospital to have the tar removed.

When Frank reaches the new house, he discovers that there is no phone or running water. He goes to the local telephone exchange to apply for an emergency connection but is turned down.

Back home, Frank turns the water back on, then discovers that his new next door neighbour, Mr Lewis, had turned it off to do some plumbing work.

That evening, Frank finds that there is no hot water so he goes into the loft to investigate. Mr Lewis comes round to complain about the noise Frank is making. He follows Frank up into the loft, the two men argue and end up falling through the ceiling into Mr Lewis's bedroom.

Also appearing:
Glynn Edwards (Mr Lewis), Jean Boht (Mrs Lewis), Glyn Houston (Mr Wright), Milton Johns (Mr Denham), Jessica Forte (Jessica)

2: Wendy House (18 Nov 78)

Frank is followed home by a stray dog. He talks Betty into letting him keep it.

Mr Harris, from the insurance company, comes to assess the damage done to the Spencers' furniture during the move. He offers them 40 pounds for the lot.

The instructor at Frank's woodwork class is horrified when he learns that Frank has been using superglue to stick a chair together. He tells Frank to take the chair home. At the bus stop, an old lady feels faint and sits down on Frank's chair. She gets stuck to the seat. Frank and a bus conductor get stuck to the arms trying to release her. They end up at the hospital, where Frank causes a great deal of damage before he's eventually freed.

Frank has made a Wendy House for Jessica. It's too big to go through the door of the woodwork room, so it's lowered from the window using a block and tackle. Frank ends up being hoisted up in the air and dropped back to the ground.

Also appearing:
Richard Wilson (Mr Harris), Carl Andrews (Conductor), Hazel Bainbridge (Mrs Cooper), Norman Chappell (Cyril), Philip Clayton-Gore (Horace), Eric Dodson (Mr Cooper), Roger Elliott (Ambulanceman), Sheila Ferris (Nurse), Jessica Forte (Jessica), Sheila Keith (Sister), Roger Kemp (Dr Hutchings), John Malcolm (Mr Wilson), Bunny May (Postman), Roy Sampson (Policeman), Peter Schofield (Sir George)

3: Scottish Dancing (25 Nov 78)

Frank and Betty now belong to a local Scottish dancing group. One of them has to stay at home to babysit Jessica, so they take it in turns to attend. Mr Quincy, the lodger from next door, is the organiser of the group. He is organising a display in honour of a visit by the local Liberal Party candidate, Mr MacDougall. He wants Betty to appear, but doesn't have a place for Frank.

Frank is part of the welcoming committee which goes to meet Mr MacDougall at the railway station. Mr MacDougall leaves his briefcase on the train. Frank volunteers to go and fetch it. He seems to be taking a long time, so Mr Quincy gets on the train to look for him. Frank gets off the train with the briefcase as the train pulls away. Mr Quincy jumps off and breaks both of his legs. Frank has to take his place in the Scottish dancing display. He loses his kilt at the end of the display and reveals all.

Also appearing:
Jean Boht (Mrs Lewis), Roland Curram (Mr Quincey), Andrew Downie (Mr MacDougall), Norman Jones (Mr Warner), Eric Mason (Mr Marsh), Harriet Reynolds (Miss Burton), Jessica Forte (Jessica)

4: Men As Women (2 Dec 78)

Frank, working on a demolition gang, nearly gets flattened by a falling chimney.

A letter arrives from Frank's grandfather, saying that he's coming over from Australia. He wants Frank and Betty to move to Australia to help him to run his sheep farm.

Frank thinks that Jessica has swallowed a coin, so he sends for Doctor Mender. The doctor doesn't find anything wrong with Jessica. He's on his way to appear as a dame in a hospital pantomime. He's running late, so he asks Betty if he can change in the Spencers' spare bedroom. Frank is horrified when he sees Doctor Mender dressed up as a woman. He thinks he's a transvestite. Then Doctor Mender's colleague, Doctor Hutchings, turns up dressed as another of the ugly sisters. Hearing that the third ugly sister is too ill to appear, Frank offers his services as a stand-in. He goes off and reappears dressed as a Swiss peasant girl.

Frank's grandfather arrives unexpectedly.

Also appearing:
Glynn Edwards (Mr Lewis), Derek Farr (Dr Mender), Dick Bentley (Grandad), Johnny Allan (Mr Hollis), Norman Hartley (Demolition Man), Linda James (Receptionist), Roger Kemp (Dr Hutchings), Bunny May (Postman)

5: King Of The Road (9 Dec 78)

Frank has a new job as a motorbike dispatch rider. He has to take a motorbike test. The examiner tells him to drive around the block and stop when he gets the signal. Frank takes a wrong turning and the examiner steps out in front of the wrong motorcycle. He ends up in hospital while Frank rides around for hours looking for him.

Frank's new boss tells him to collect a parcel from one address and deliver it to another. The parcel contains pornographic photographs and the police have been tipped off. The delivery firm's office is raided.

Frank's motorbike goes out of control and he begins a nightmare ride through the streets and around the countryside. He ends up back at the delivery firm's office and crashes through the window.

Frank is arrested and has to appear in court. He brings along a string of character witnesses and is found not guilty. Cycling home, he encounters the magistrate and causes his car to crash.

Also appearing:
Derek Farr (Dr Mender), Bernard Gallagher (Detective Sergeant Lang), Patrick McAlinney (Father O'Hara), Graham Ashley (Mr Stewart), Geoffrey Chater (Mr Whittle), Ellis Dale (Clerk Of Court), Gretchen Franklin (Mrs Welch), John Harvey (JP Hawkins), Brian Hawksley (Ellis), Peter Hughes (Group Captain Lacey), Derek Newark (Mr Hunt), David Ryall (Mr Rumford), Richard Seager (Policeman)

6: Australia House (16 Dec 78)

Frank is takeing elocution lessons so that he'll be able to communicate with all of the 'upper crust types' he thinks he'll meet when he starts taking flying lessons.

Frank has to go to Australia House to discuss his emigration application. The emigration officer, Mr Lawrence, finally approves Frank's application in order to get rid of him.

Frank has put a card in a shop window advertising his services as a gas fitter. He gets a phone call asking him to look at a gas boiler. He goes round and blows up the cutomer's house.

Also appearing:
Glynn Edwards (Mr Lewis), Dick Bentley (Grandad), Jessica Forte (Jessica), Edward Hardwicke (Mr Lawrence), Diana King (Miss Butler)

Learning To Fly (25 Dec 78)

Frank goes to a local airfield to book his first flying lesson. He ends up walking along the runway with Betty and Grandad.

That afternoon, Frank turns up for his flying lesson. After a series of mishaps, like steering the plane into a car park, Frank manages to take off. His instructor gets knocked unconscious trying to close the cabin door, which Frank had opened by mistake.

The air traffic controller tries to talk Frank in to land, without success. Luckily, the flying instructor regains consciousness and brings the plane in to land.

Also appearing:
Frederick Jaeger (Mr Barker), Dick Bentley (Grandad), Tenniel Evans (Air Traffic Controller), Linda Beckett (Linda), Christopher Biggins (Prewett), Jessica Forte (Jessica), Alexander Moss (Alexander), Tony Steedman (Mr Jennings)